Why “Friends” is one of the best series of all time?

1. For its 10 seasons and 236 episodes

In the space of 10 years, Friends (seasons) became one of the most popular TV series in history. It tells the story of the sometimes complicated, and always funny, everyday lives of six close friends – Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey.

2. For its hilarious and relatable characters

Monica‘s neurosis, Rachel‘s passion for fashion, Joey‘s charming stupidity, Chandler‘s sarcastic jokes, Ross‘s bad luck stricken love life, Phoebe‘s timeless songs such as Smelly Cat… Each character has their unique qualities. Friends fans essentially grew up with these characters, often relating to them and their complicated, crazy lives.

3. For its life lessons

Despite the humor and sarcasm that mark the series, each Friends episode essentially ends with a life lesson. The most important of which, of course, is to always count on your friends. And to not care so much about other people’s opinions. However, the most important life lesson came from Ross, who helped viewers learn that they should NEVER wear leather pants on a first date.

4. For its celebrity cameos

The Friends series featured  from numerous cameos some of today’s biggest names in Hollywood. Among the most well-known: Brad Pitt, who played an old friend of Ross’s, Danny DeVito, who played a stripper during Phoebe’s bachelorette party, also David Arquette, Kristin Davis, Alec Baldwin, Dakota Fanning, and even Winona Ryder, who plays a lead role in Netflix‘s Stranger Things.

5. For the iconic 1990s style

It’s worth knowing that Rachel‘s long bob haircut, worn during the first two seasons, was so beloved that it earned its own nickname (“The Rachel”), and was subsequently adopted by a host of young women across the globe. Friends put 1990s style on the map, a style which continues to inspire today’s fashion trends. From white tank tops with Levi‘s jeans, slip-dresses, and starter jackets to good ol’ dad shoes and platform flip flops, the series showcased the best.

6. For its timeless theme song and opening credits

“I’ll be there for you, (Cause you’re there for me too)”... It’s impossible to mention Friends(seasons) without mentioning these iconic lyrics, which I’m sure we’ve all heard a few hundred times. This refrain from The Rembrandts, written exclusively for Friends and composed by Allee Willis, who passed away on 24th December 2019, is still stuck in our heads even 15 years later. Only a few hours the song’s completion, the Friends cast filmed the opening scene, which was shot in the heart of Warner Bros Studios.

Hope you enjoy it!

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