The Big Bang Theory: 5 Worst Things The Gang Did To Penny

Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj and friends haven’t always been nice to Penny. Here are the 5 worst things they did to her in The Big Bang Theory.

Penny is an incredibly character that the gang often jabs at for being the beautiful blonde without a university degree. And sometimes, her friends weren’t exactly the best at being friends. Here are the 5 worst things the gang ever did to our favorite television waitress/actress/pharmaceutical rep.


When They Sneak Into Her Apartment To Clean

Kaley starstucked

In the second episode of the entire series (yeah, like literally right after they meet her), Sheldon sneaks into Penny’s apartment at night to clean up the mess and Leonard begrudgingly helps, too.

Sure, cleaning isn’t exactly malicious, but they did sneak into the apartment of a sleeping young woman without her permission (and they BARELY knew each other). Penny was pretty mad, and we’re not exactly blaming her.


When They Elaborately Lie To Avoid Seeing Penny In A Musical

Kaley singing

In Season 1, in “The Loobenfeld Decay”, Penny finally gets a part as an actress in the musical Rent. However, Leonard and Sheldon decide they can’t go after hearing her sing.

Rather than just sucking it up and being supportive, they create an INCREDIBLY intricate lie. We’re talking about a drug-addicted cousin, an intervention, and an actual actor to play the role. This is pretty shady, guys. Not cool.


When The Boys Mock Her For Community College

Kaley and her bedroom

This is a theme throughout the series, but it mainly appears in season 1 and then again in season 6 in “The Extract Obliteration”. Penny confesses she feels self-conscious about not having a degree, to which the boys kind of mock.

In the first season, they urge her to go to school, claiming that she’d “only” be smart if she did so. In Season 6, Penny eventually rejoins community college. However, Leonard takes over and rewrites her paper because he thinks hers was bad. This whole “dumb” theme is pretty rude, and we all know that Penny is intelligent in a whole plethora of ways.


When No One Wants To Be Her Partner For Raj’s Murder Mystery Party

kaley as mysterious

In the seventh season, “The Scavenger Vortex”, Raj creates a scavenger hunt for the gang to participate in. When choosing partners, it becomes pretty clear that no one wants to be partnered with Penny. Even throughout the hunt, everyone continues to underestimate Penny’s intelligence and ability to do well.

She shocks everyone though and actually solves the puzzles better than Sheldon does. Again, she isn’t dumb, and it’s rude for these scientists to think so.

That’s so rude of everyone!


When Sheldon Totally Ignores Her Pregnancy

The big bang theory cast

In the finale of this hit series, it is finally revealed to the gang that Penny is pregnant. However, this only really happens because Sheldon is afraid that Penny is sick and will infect them all. That’s the worst behavior of Sheldon!

In telling him the truth, he is only selfishly relieved that she isn’t contagious, and says nothing about her pregnancy. This is pretty selfish, and Penny is a little offended, that after all she’s done for Sheldon, that he can’t even care about her new baby. However, this all blows over, and Sheldon gives the most heartfelt thanks to his friends just before our favorite sitcom comes to an end. It was all worth it Penny, right?

They all were so unfair with Penny!

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