The Big Bang Theory: 5 Hated Supporting Characters

The Big Bang Theory has a lot of loveable characters; but some fans despised some of the supporting characters on the show.

In any case, only one out of every odd supporting person turned into a sweetheart of the crowd. The following are 10 such side characters from the show that watchers wanted to loathe.


Todd Zarnecki

Todd Zarnecki

Todd Zarnecki was always a trouble maker from the show. In the first place, he hacked into Sheldon’s gaming account and plundered his stuff. Then, at that point, when the group went to his home to go up against him, he took the Batleth Sheldon had brought along; and utilized his enormous size to threaten the posse into forsaking their arrangements to deal with him.

Luckily, in spite of having had an altercation with Leonard as of late; Penny had followed along, and she had insight in managing folks like Zarnecki.


Mrs. Fowler

villians of the big bang theory

Amy’s mother, in her first appearance from the get-go in the show; was a gentle old woman who just needed what was best for Amy. In later seasons, Mrs. Fowler was played by a big name entertainer, Kathy Bates, who changed the person’s character into something considerably more horrendous. She was presently a possessive, controlling, dubious lady who attempted to prevent Amy from wedding Sheldon.

Besides, every one of the tales Amy recounted her mother’s conduct during her youth clarifies that her mom is answerable for Amy’s twisted demeanor towards sex and connections.



Alacia from the big bang theory

Penny is used to being the queen bee of her group of nerds, which is why she felt distinctly threatened when a hot young actress Alicia moved into the building, and the guys immediately went frantic over her.

What made Alicia so detestable was that she was a blatant user, lightly flirting with the guys and leading them on in return for getting them to do everything for her. Penny finally confronted Alicia for her manipulative behavior, leading to a memorable catfight on the stairs of the building.


Dr. Pemberton And Dr. Campbell

Dr. Pemberton And Dr. Campbell

Pemberton and Campbell were potentially the greatest villians on the show’s set of experiences, despite the fact that they just displayed in the last couple of scenes. They were the researcher team who practically took credit and the Nobel prize for Sheldon and Amy’s highest accomplishment in their field.

Regardless of conceding in private that the examination they had led affirming Amy and Sheldon’s hypothesis had been unplanned, and they were not even certain what they had found. They were glad to hoard all the credit and cheat Amy and Sheldon out of a Nobel.


Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy Flower

For the people who just recollect Amy from her later season appearances, it very well may be bizarre to consider that she began on the show as a supporting person being depicted in an exceptionally helpless light. She was essentially pretty much as abnormal and maddening as Sheldon, just with next to no of the saving graces.

Everybody other than Sheldon loathed her, including Penny, who likes everybody, and the fracture brought about by her appearance nearly cost Sheldon his companionship with every other person. Luckily, Amy later proceeded to have her own person bend where crowds got a thoughtful justification for why she was how she was. We additionally got to see her become a kinder, gentler and more joyful individual.

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