4 Reasons Why “Friends” Is A Must Watch

It’s been 25 years since Friends” first debuted on NBC and the world is still talking about it. The acclaimed TV show aired for 10 seasons and many of us are still quoting our favorite lines from this beloved sitcom.

What about “Friends” makes it so iconic? Why did so many viewers tune-in every week to watch Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Monica (Courteney Cox), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Joey (Matt LeBlanc), Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Ross (David Schwimmer)? Why does it continue to be popular today?

Here are 4 reasons why we love “Friends” :


Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe, Matthew Perry as Chandler, Courteney Cox as Monica and Matt LeBlanc as Joey looking at David Schwimmer as Ross in Central Perk coffee house from episode “The One With Joey's Dirty Day”.

Need we say more? 

Coffee is the soul of our existence, or at least, to most of us anyway.

Coffee is the *ahem* Central Perk to our lives and the characters in Friends” (pun intended).

Most of what goes on in the episodes of “Friends” happens at Central Perk. It’s the coffee shop where Rachel works and where the gang meets up for lattes. It’s where (*spoiler*) Rachel and Ross share their first kiss, where Phoebe sings “Smelly Cat” (look it up), it’s where Rachel quits her job and Joey becomes a waiter, where Monica and Chandler sneak out of the closet…and of course, where Gunther (James Michael Tyler) is a mainstay.

Of course, one can’t mention Central Perk without the insanely famous orange couch that takes center stage at the coffee house.

This iconic symbol is a timeless tie that connects us with these six friends. After all, the couch is where the cast spends most of their time. It’s where we spend most of our time.

Lazy day? Lounge on the couch.

Friends over? Hangout on the couch.

Going through a breakup? Mope on the couch.

Tired? Nap on the couch.

Take it from these boys — They know how to snooze…even in public.


What makes “Friends” most relatable of all is that we are all human beings in need of connection, friendship and love.

We feel the feels watching these six friends go through life’s circumstances together and apart, much like our own.


Friends is notably known for its humor. We watch and laugh at the everyday situations along with the cast.

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