5 Best Things Friends Taught Us About Christmas

Friends is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time and it’s also one of the most enjoyable show. Over the show’s 10 seasons , there were seven Christmas episodes and we love every single one. In fact, binging on them back-to-back while wrapping presents is our favorite way of getting in the Christmas mood.

Friends has taught us so many life lessons (what being ‘on a break’ really means, meat sweats are a natural thing, there’s no such thing as too much food, just the wrong trousers etc.) and the same can be said of their Christmas episodes. We’ve gathered all kinds of wisdom from our favorite show over the holidays, and as we’re feeling in the festive spirit, we thought we’d generously share it with you.

friends cast celebrating christmas

1. Christmas trees are for life, not just for a Month

In ‘The One Where Rachel Quits’, Phoebe sets up a solid argument against the utilization of real trees. She’s against ‘innocent trees being chopped down thriving and their bodies being abnormally decorated with glitter and twinkly lights.” Joey puts the counterargument that the trees are satisfying their ‘Christmas fate’, however when she sees old, blemished trees going into the cheerful later, she responds in a sacks Phoebs way. We’re strongly thinking about a fake tree this year.

chandler the handsome

2. Santa can be handsome

After Chandler turns up in his Santa suit, Monica asks him if he can keep his suit for another night, if ya know what we mean…

monica and chandler

3. You should always write Christmas songs for your friends

Phoebe is the source of a portion of our most important Friends minutes. In ‘The One with the Girl from Poughkeepsie’, she composes the cutest Christmas tune for her buddies.

phoebe singing for her friends

4. Being single over the holidays can be difficult

Rachel hates being single over the festival season. Additionally, we mean REALLY hates it. (One year she goes round various shopping centers sitting on the Santas’ laps so she doesn’t feel as alone.) It’s difficult to be Rachel!

rachel is lonely, again

5. Being together with the loved ones is the most important thing at Christmas

In ‘The One with Christmas in Tulsa’, Chandler is in Tulsa for work over Christmas. He realizes that no job is worth being away from Monica over the holidays and he ends up quitting. Just as the snow starts outside the apartment window in NYC, Chandler walks through the door and into Monica’s arms. In the words of Joey, ‘it’s a Christmas miracle’ – AWWWWWWWW. How important family is for Chandler!

chandler did this for monica

A very happy Christmas to all of you from me!

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