3 Rachel’s Fashion Statements From FRIENDS Show

FRIENDS would never have such a fashion buzz if it had not been Rachel Green. When we think of a never-ending fashion statement, which started in 90’s, the only name that comes to our mind is Rachel Green.

Rachel Green’s haircut became popular and was known as Rachel cut. People imagined that her hair was the most awesome aspect of her yet every one of them were absolutely off-base. Her clothes were, her style were. Rachel Green was the pioneer and shaken back on schedule and till now too.

1. Rachel keeping the date with Joey wait late:

rachel green in black

Joey and Rachel both felt for each other in the series. They both liked each other. If Joey truly loved someone, (yes of course after his love for food and Chandler), it was Rachel. Rachel kept a sleeky and edgy outfit for her date with Joey. 

2. Rachel sealing the workplace with sophisticated grays:

rachel in suit

Rachel Green killed in her formal look. She picked a refined dim suit over a white top and in a real sense argued everybody with that. Without a doubt this is one of the most incredible corporate searches for young ladies like me who have no clue about it! On account of Rachel Green design proclamation once more!

3. Rachel on the floor with a long maxi dress: 

rachel in black dress

Rachel Green’s fashion statement are a proof that maxi dresses are never unpopular. What’s more they’re consistently a choice that works in all events.

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