6 unknown facts about Rachel Green even ‘Friends’ fans may not know

Rachel Green from “Friends” is quite possibly the most notable character of the 1990s and mid 2000s. Here are some unknown facts listed about Rachel Green.

1- She has a tattoo

Rachel and Phoebe choose to get tattoos together on “The One Where Joey Moves Out.”

Phoebe chickens out before really getting her tattoo, yet Rachel gets a little heart on her hip.

The tattoo doesn’t appear to be shown or referenced again later this episode.

friends girls

2- Rachel had a very brief smoking phase

While working at a new job, Rachel acknowledges she is passing up the conversations her work partners have during smoke breaks on “The One Where Rachel Smokes.”

She attempts to begin smoking to be incorporated and afterward rather lets her associates know that she’s dealing with quitting.

However Chandler was a weighty smoker, Rachel is by all accounts the main other individual from the companion bunch who is seen smoking.

rachel smoking

3- Rachel had a nose job after high school

Rachel and Monica both looked altogether different while they were in secondary school.

Episodes with flashback scenes show that Rachel had something else entirely in light of the fact that she had a nose work as a young person.

rachel and monica

4- Jennifer didn’t like Rachel’s signature haircut

Rachel’s early haircut is an iconic part of 1990s fashion, but Jennifer Aniston told Glamour in 2015 she didn’t like the look.

rachel's new hairstyle

5- Rachel is the only lead friend who has kissed everyone in the group

rachel and joey

6- Her first kiss with anyone in the friend group is with Chandler, not Ross

A flashback revealed that Rachel kissed Chandler at a college party. She doesn’t begin dating Ross until she’s out of school. This means that her first kiss with an individual from the friends gang is with Chandler

rachel and chandler

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