Friends: Jack & Judy Geller’s 5 Best Quotes, Ranked

Jack and Judy Geller from Friends were the perfect sitcom parents. Many of their quotes are regarded as hilarious, iconic, and inspirational.

Ross and Monica’s parents, Jack and Judy, were a big part of Friends. Fans were dazzled by the distinctive Geller family dynamic every time the four of them gathered in the same room. Although initially Jack and Judy played favorites, they made changes to their parenting and improved with time.

As in any sitcom setting, with Friends being no exception, parent-child interactions always unfolded interestingly. Owing to their dynamic personalities, Jack and Judy were fun and excitable to watch. Some of the funniest and inspiring quotes came from them, and to this day, they are regarded as an entertaining sitcom couple.


Jack: “I’m Not Gonna Tell You What They Spent On That Wedding, But $40,000 Is A Lot Of Money.”

Jack and Judy visited Monica a short time after the events of Rachel and Barry’s wedding unfolded. The couple had run into Dr. and Mrs. Green at the club, and according to them, the Greens weren’t holding up well. While Rachel had begun to settle and adapted well to change, the Greens and the Gellers just wouldn’t let it go. Since they were good friends and lived on the same block, the event was still fresh in Jack and Judy’s memory.

Therefore, on this particular occasion, one among the Gellers was bound to bring the wedding up. Judy took charge and began to critique Rachel’s life choices, whereas Jack uttered the hilarious words much to Ross and Monica’s amusement.


Jack: “I Just Wanted To Make Sure You’re Okay.”

At the start of season 3, Monica was mourning the loss that breaking up with Richard had caused her. She hadn’t slept for nights in a row, and Ross once found her standing outside the Szechuan Dragon in the middle of a workday, staring at a parking meter.

Monica really needed some sleep, and when everything else failed, Jack’s timely visit helped kick-start her recovery process. His words comforted her when nothing else could. But before he could finish talking to her, she fell asleep right beside him and he wrapped her in a blanket.

AHHH, What a lovely Father!


Jack: “Honey, Relationships Are Hard. Like With Your Mom And Me.”

Jack and Judy were very much in love with one another until the end of the series. Their relationship was built upon loyalty, trust, and it’s something both Monica and Ross wanted to emulate in their respective relationships.

Thanks to the sudden visit from Jack, fans found out the Geller parents too had their share of troubles along the way. Turns out, they were broken up for while after graduating from college. Judy’s father wanted her to travel around Europe as he did.


Jack: “Everyone Thinks They Know Me.”

Soon after Ross and Monica’s Nana dies, Jack tells his daughter that he wants to be buried at sea. Monica is understandably weirded out by the existential conversation and even though she tries to shush her father, he brings up the whole predictability angle.

Jack wants his body to be dumped into the ocean so people find him more interesting. He dislikes the notion that people find him predictable, and his burial wish is a way to get people thinking they didn’t know him after all. Jack is alive and well throughout the course of the series, so fans can’t help but wonder if he got his last wish.

And the historical quote


Judy: “That’s A Lot Of Information To Get In 30 Seconds.”

The iconic Judy Geller quote on Friends is from season 6’s “The One Where Ross Got High.” It’s a typical Thanksgiving dinner, except Chandler has moved in with Monica and Rachel has been entrusted with the task of making a dessert. Jack and Judy are coming over and are unaware of the things happening in their children’s lives.

Chaos ensues soon as Rachel realizes she wasn’t supposed to put beef in the trifle.

Phoebe says she loves Jacques Cousteau. The Geller siblings reveal each other’s secrets and Joey says he wants to leave the party. Judy takes about 30 seconds to process this information and says a few things to clear the air.

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