The Big Bang Theory: 5 Reasons Why Sheldon & Penny Aren’t Real Friends:

Penny and Sheldon may have become the best of friends on The Big Bang Theory but they could have also become mortal enemies if it wasn’t for Leonard.

For twelve years, fans of The Big Bang Theory watched as many friendships grew from strength to strength. One of the fans’ favorite on-screen partnerships was Sheldon and Penny, who became close friends after the former actress began a relationship Leonard in season 3.

However, everyone knows their friendship wasn’t plain sailing as Sheldon and Penny got themselves in many arguments. Sometimes fans couldn’t help but question if they would have remained friends if it wasn’t for Leonard since Penny and Sheldon can be quite toxic and immature. Would you like some examples? Keep reading to discover the 10 reasons why Sheldon and Penny aren’t real friends.

5-Messing With Sheldon’s Spot

On several occasions, fans have watched as Penny has teased Sheldon over his spot on the couch. When she first met the scientists, Sheldon allowed Penny to sit in his spot out of common courtesy. However, the more she began to hang out at their apartment, the more Sheldon made her abide by his rules.

Penny, noticing his controlling and perfectionist behavior, began to challenge this in “The Panty Piñata Polarization.” She also made matters worse when she shot it with a paintball, which deeply upsets him (“The Paintball Scattering”). Although she would apologize if she upset him, Penny would use this against him if he did get on her nerves.

4-Getting Sheldon Drunk For The First Time

Penny and Sheldon’s friendship didn’t get off to the best of starts since Penny had spiked the physicist’s drink. In “The Grasshopper Experiment,” Penny invites the guys to her apartment to help her practice her bartending skills. However, Sheldon refuses to get anything with any alcohol in it.

Penny decides to create her own experiment and spikes Sheldon’s drink when he comes into the Cheesecake Factory and orders his coke. This then leads to Sheldon performing a song from “Fiddler On The Roof,” where Leonard and Penny watch on in amusement. While the scene is funny, in real life, this could cause a fight between Sheldon and Penny since she has disrespected his wishes.

3-The Prank War That Went Too Far

In “The Panty Piñata Polarization,” Penny and Sheldon went to war after he banned her from the apartment. This all came about after Penny received three strikes for breaking Sheldon’s rules – gaining the other two after she touched his onion rings and another for sitting in his spot.

n retaliation, Penny refused to take Sheldon’s order at the Cheesecake Factory and disrupted his routine. However, Sheldon takes it a step too far when he chucks her laundry out of their apartment window and leaves it to hang on the telephone wires. Even Leonard thought it went too far and had to intervene before it got out of hand more.

2-Putting Sheldon In Uncomfortable Situations

While Penny wouldn’t force Sheldon to do anything he wouldn’t want to, she did put him in situations that made him rather uncomfortable. The worst is when she asked him to keep a secret from Leonard. The first time she did this was in “The Bad Fish Paradigm” when Penny asked the nerd not to tell Leonard that she didn’t finish community college. As a result, Sheldon moves out because he feels uncomfortable being in the same room.

She also put him in another uncomfortable situation when she tells him he cannot tell Leonard about her having doubts (“The Decoupling Fluctuation”). If she was Sheldon’s friend, she would have known that Sheldon wouldn’t be able to keep something like this a secret.

1-Calling Penny Fat

Penny and Sheldon couldn’t have been seen as that close in the beginning since Sheldon was not considerate of her feelings. In “The Justice League Recombination,” Penny became annoyed with the gang when they pressured her into attending a costume party. When they weren’t satisfied with her appearance, Penny stormed off to her apartment.

It looked like Sheldon was trying to be a good friend since he went to check on her. However, instead of comforting Penny, he made matters worse by insulting her – calling her “a beefy gal.” It’s not surprising that she slammed the door in his face as a statement like this would lead to a speaking ban for weeks in real life.

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