The Big Bang Theory: 5 Most Hated Storylines:

The Big Bang Theory tickled viewers’ funny-bones in all the right ways except during 5 hated storylines fans just couldn’t get behind.

5-When Leonard Cheated On Penny

Penny and Leonard surprised fans when they decided to elope in Las Vegas in the season nine premiere. They’ve been dating and engaged for long enough, eloping seemed like the only chance for these two wild kids to get married. However, fans (and Penny) were put through the wringer when Leonard admitted to cheating on Penny while he was away at sea. This entire storyline made no sense considering it was completely out of character for Leonard. He’s been self-conscious for years and spent even more years trying to win Penny over. Now that he had her as his fiance, why would he give that up? It was even more hated and infurating that he was always worried that Penny would be the one to cheat but it was actually him!

4-Why Can’t Raj Find Love?

Raj has got to be the most loyal and romantic man on the show. Howard was always a creep until he found Bernadette, Leonard did okay with the ladies but he was never the most delightful boyfriend, and we all know how Sheldon was with Amy in the early years.

Raj was the only one who would have been a kick-butt partner. But sadly, we never got to see his one true desire come to life. He wanted to be a husband, a homemaker, and a dad. Instead, he had a string of broken relationships and a successful career. But for fans, it was upsetting to never see him end up with someone.

3-Girlfriends Replacing Friend Time

If you can remember back to the first couple of seasons, The Big Bang Theory was about four friends (Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj) and their love for science and comic books. Sure, they were all hilariously single but it brought them together. Over time, we slowly started seeing the group dating and keeping girlfriends, which ended up taking over the entire series. The guys started distancing themselves from each other and focused more on their love lives than on each other or their work. Everything became about love and loss, which takes away from the show’s uniqueness.

2-Amy’s Desire For Intimacy

Amy started out being dry and robotic but over time she became compassionate and more human-like. She found her way into Penny and Sheldon’s hearts and became a cherished member of their social circle.
Part of her character was how much she wanted to be intimate with her boyfriend and yet she was mocked for it. Sheldon being Sheldon turned her down and never seemed to be ready for the next step; something that bothered Amy throughout her time on the show. Seeing how many times she’s been denied by her own boyfriend and husband annoyed fans. She was as desirable as Penny and Bernadette but never got what she wanted for years. Some fans saw this “comical” storyline as offensive and tired. TBH some hated too.

1-Penny Is Just Pretty & Dumb

With Penny being the only “normal” one in the group (she’s the only without a high-end degree), she’s seen as ditzy, dumb, and is never taking seriously. People bring up her excessive wine-drinking as a joke but over time, her love of wine seemed to increase.

Sure, Penny might not have been a genius but that didn’t mean she was dumb. She was a valid member of their friend group and deserved as much respect as anyone else. Seeing her berated for being a free-loader or a woman who got anything she wanted just by looking cute got old and never died throughout the series.

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