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The Big Bang Theory: What Were The Characters’ Salaries In The Final Season?

From Kaley Cuoco to Jim Parsons, here’s how much each actor was paid for the final season of The Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang Theory might have closed off its 12th and final season earlier this year in 2019, but we’re still in love with this entire casts of character. Whether you love Penny, are always laughing at Sheldon, or roll your eyes at Howard. You certainly have your favorite characters.

In case you’re wondering how much dough this cast was earning to play these iconic characters, we’ve made a list. Here are the main cast and their salaries during the final season of this hit sitcom.

6-Melissa Rauch – $425,000

Melissa Rauch was the fiery and hilarious Bernadette. She was making the lowest out of the main cast and was actually making $200,000-$300,000 in the final few seasons.

However, for the 12th season, her salary was increased to about $425,00 per episode, which is certainly nothing to be upset over. This character became a main addition later on in the show, which is why her salary is lower than the others.

5-Mayim Bialik – $425,000

Mayim Bialik is in the same boat as Melissa Rauch. As Amy Farrah Fowler, this character wasn’t a prominent or recurring one until later on in the series.

She made the same as Melissa throughout the series, and also received a salary increase in the final season. That raising her earnings to about $425,000 per episode in the final season. That adds up to a lot of sitcoms have quite a few episodes per season (24, to be exact).

4-Kaley Cuoco – $900,000

Kaley Cuoco and the main four men of this cast were making about $1 million per episode in the past few seasons of the show. However, for the final season, each of them took $100,000 pay cut per episode so Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch could have higher earnings (which fills out hearts).

Of course, this meant Kaley was still earning about $900,000 per episode in the final season. Her net worth is around $45 million, and most of that certainly comes from her iconic role as Penny.

3-Kunal Nayyar – $900,000

Kunal Nayyar’s earnings were pretty equal to his fellow co-stars, but he is said to have pulled in around $25 million for the final season, putting him at spot #4 out of the cast. Of course, he was also making $900,000 per episode as Raj Koothrappali.

He’s also mostly known by all as this character, and most of his fame and net worth most definitely comes from this popular series.

2-Johnny Galecki – $900,000

Johnny Galecki nabs the #2 spot on this list and was obviously also one of the highest-paid actors on television before this series came to an end. He earned about $26.5 million in the last season, at around $900,000 per episode.

He has a net worth of about $40 million, and we know that Johnny is Leonard Hofstadter in our heart of hearts, and probably always will be. Of course, that’s nothing to cry about, because he’s got this pretty impressive salary to show for his success.

1-Jim Parsons – $900,000

While they all earn around $900,000, Parsons earned a bit more in total over the season, adding up to about $27.5 million in the past year. Jim Parsons actually nabbed the top spot on the world’s highest-paid television actors according to Forbes in 2017. So, clearly, this show is quite literally the hit it was made out to be.

While he had the same salary, Parsons scored an endorsement deal because he was apart of the Oscar-nominated film, Hidden Figures, bringing his yearly earnings to an impressive amount of dough. Making $900,000 an episode is mind-blowing, but we think this hilarious and iconic character deserves it. Of course, if you miss this wholesome and quirky man, he does narrate the new spin-off show, Young Sheldon. 

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