The Big Bang Theory: 5 Controversies That Almost Killed The Show:

The Big Bang Theory is insanely popular, even now, but it’s not without its faults. Check out these 10 controversies that could have ended the show.

5-Kaley & Johnny Dated IRL

Actors Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki portrayed one of TV’s famous couples, Penny and Leonard. These two were best friends who were destined to be together, despite their obvious differences. They two had chemistry on screen, which really sold the storylines and it’s clear to see why.

Kaley and Johnny actually dated for two years while filming the show, but didn’t tell a soul about their relationship in fear of ruining it for anyone and of course because of controversies.. If media outlets realized they were dating in real life, rumors could have killed their relationship and the show. The pair didn’t want to kill the magic between Penny and Leonard, thus keeping their relationship on the DL.

4- Other Countries Tried Duplicating The Series

The Big Bang Theory was such a success that a team in Belarus tried duplicating the series. They called the show The Theorists and it was the spitting image of The Big Bang Theory. The actors were, of course, different but the characters were similar.

Chuck Lorre and Warner Brothers went after the Belarus show warned them about copyright infringement before pursuing legal action. The show overseas was unlicensed, which was a red flag for many of its actors and they quit on the spot.

3- Its Spin On Nerd Culture Was Offputting

One of The Big Bang Theory’s biggest criticisms was how the show encouraged stereotypes. The show was based around “nerds” who weren’t as attractive as the other guys but were incredibly smart and had good jobs. Due to their “poor” looks, they had trouble getting girls but were excited by comic books, Star Wars, and Star Trek.

3- 2 Seasons Equates To Lazy Writing And Going Through The Motions

Another criticism haters and fans had of the show was the direction the show was taking in later seasons. Many believed that 12 seasons was far too long for the show to run and that the writers got lazy.
They set Raj up in yet another arranged marriage, Penny didn’t want children but hey, she’s a woman on TV so they gave her a surprise pregnancy, and the actors appeared to be going through the motions. Storylines were no longer exciting or unique, they ended quickly without a real outcome.

4-Sexism Was Subtly On The Forefront

Even diehard fans can’t deny that Sheldon and Howard could be sexist. Sheldon claims he doesn’t know any better but he slut-shamed Penny for years — even after she married Leonard! He talked about women only wanting salads and gossiping and let’s not get started on Howard’s misogyny.

He was incredibly invasive and forceful on women without their consent. Howard’s gross behavior got better after he married Bernadette but his past still lingered.

Thank God all of these controversies didn’t kill the vibe of the show!

Anyway, hope you all enjoy reading this.

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