The Big Bang Theory: 5 Reasons The Gang And Stuart Aren’t Real Friends

Stuart is the lovable geek who just wants the gang’s acceptance. Here’s why Stuart and the gang aren’t real friends.

The lovable goofy geek Stuart Bloom, in The Big Bang Theory, who runs the comic book store, keeps generally depressed and often runs into financial problems, is not part of the main gang. However, he becomes almost an inseparable part of their lives when he begins living in Howard and Bernadette’s house, first to attend to Howard’s mother and then as a nanny to their kids.

If there is someone the audience has loved almost just as much as the core gang, over the years, it’s Stuart.  Let’s see why Stuart never makes it as one of the gang in the beloved sitcom.

5-Stuart Is A Bit Of An Outcast

A common thread that runs through the gang of friends on TBBT is science. Apart from Penny, all the others are science geeks and experts in their fields. This is one of the things that binds them together and serves as a basis for their friendship. Stuart turns out to be a bit of an outcast here, since, although talented in his own field, he is not a science guy and doesn’t share the same vocabulary. Of course, the complex scientific terminologies are one of the basic premises of the show and a running gag is Penny’s complete ignorance and lack of interest in most of what the guys say or do. However, somehow, Stuart never fit in with the gang in that sense, although he does share the boys’ enthusiasm for comic books, something the girls never fully appreciate.

4-Stuart Is The Creepy Guy Around The House

Stuart once again becomes a series regular; a part of the gang’s life when his comic book store is gutted to the ground in season 7. He ends up homeless and bankrupt. At this time, Howard and Bernadette, who had been suffering relentlessly until then; give him a job to look after Mrs. Wolowitz. Stuart now becomes the creepy guy who might or might not be having an inappropriate relationship with Howard’s mother. He is kind and helpful around the house, but never really a close friend. He does move out eventually; although, he never really leaves them alone and once again returns to live with them when he gets evicted from his apartment. At this time, he is seen more as an annoyance around the house. He cooks for Howard and Bernadette and helps out with the baby.

3-The Gang Doesn’t Respect Stuart

Although Stuart is a perfectly nice guy and the gang likes him. He is depicted as someone who wallows in self-pity and is at least as socially awkward as the nerdy physicists. Although he is always ready to offer a helping hand, he seems to command neither attention nor respect.

In season 9, ‘The Celebration Experimentation’, Stuart helps out with the arrangements for Sheldon’s birthday party. However, he soon gets upset on learning that Barry Kripke; a much-hated colleague of the boys at Caltech, has learned of Bernadette’s pregnancy before he has. This indicates that he thinks of himself as close to the gang but the feeling is not necessarily mutual. Then, when he starts toasting Sheldon, he is interrupted by Amy.

1-The Gang Forgets To Invite Stuart

A running gag in Stuart’s storyline is that he is perpetually forgotten by everyone in the gang, especially when it comes to parties or invitations to participate in games. In season 9, ‘The Empathy Optimization’, Stuart is nowhere in the picture when the gang plans a trip to Vegas, to take a break from Sheldon for a few days. He comes to know of it by chance and then joins Sheldon when the latter surprises the others in the party bus. However, he is again left behind when Sheldon is invited back into the bus. Shown as a pathetic little man, Stuart never quite makes it as a member of the gang.

Sometimes it gets difficult to be Stuart.

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