The Big Bang Theory: 5 Reasons Why Leonard & Bernadette Aren’t Real Friends

Leonard and Bernadette are polar opposites. He’s sweet and passive, she has a mean streak. We’d hardly call these Big Bang Theory characters pals.

Long-running sitcom The Big Bang Theory contains a lot of significant kinships, however some are surely more stronger than others. While a portion of these fellowships are probably going to last forever, some wouldn’t last one more week except if there were common companions included.

Bernadette and Leonard are not two characters you’d normally assembled. In spite of the fact that they might believe themselves to be companions, there are a lot of justifications for why they may really be less close than you imagine.



Bernadette and Penny

Penny and Bernadette are closest companions while Penny and Leonard are married. There’s a ton of dispute, hence, throughout who will invest energy with her. Obviously, the two connections are incredibly critical to Penny so it’s hard for her to pick.

Leonard and Bernadette would probably see the other as an obstacle, keeping the other away from their companion or accomplice. Here and there they go twofold dating, however in any event, when this happens maybe they are battling for consideration.



Leonard and Penny together

There have been a couple of events that a breakdown of Leonard’s relationship has helped Bernadette in reality in general with regards to her own. Rather than feeling thoughtful towards her companions when they are contending, it nearly gives her joy about her own marriage.

Dislike Bernadette is lobbying for both of them to get a separation or anything, however when inconvenience is blending, she appreciates sitting and watching with a bowl brimming with popcorn and a face that recommends she furtively content with how this has ended up.



Howard and Bernadette together

Bernadette has an exceptionally particular character, and frequently shows an absence of compassion of many individuals. Her failure to sympathize connections to the way that even individuals at work dread her a tad. This converts into every one of her companionships, particularly with Leonard.

Leonard has been known to play the person in question, and will in general search for passionate help from people around him. Bernadette is be one of only a handful of exceptional who advises him to get a hold of himself, offering almost no help.



the big bang theory

Here and there, Leonard is somewhat of a terrible impact on Howard. While he absolutely doesn’t energize how unpleasant Howard was towards ladies, Leonard impacts him as far as his quirkiness and a portion of the insane plans they think of.

Leonard has never left that air pocket of geek culture, and in this manner, neither has Howard. However, Bernadette doesn’t see the value in it definitely yet she needs to acknowledge it’s important for her better half’s life; she can sure fault Leonard for some of it!



sheldon and bernadette together

Leonard will search for each chance to discard Sheldon as he needs to endure him more than any other person. He will go after clueless casualties and dispatch Sheldon at them, eliminating himself as fast as could be expected.

He has pulled this continue on Bernadette ordinarily. There have been incalculable events where she has stalled out with the researcher because of Leonard’s bigger arrangement to free himself of his irritating housemate. Bernadette has gotten Leonard back on a couple of events, in any case.

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