Big Bang Theory: 5 Reasons Why Raj & Amy Aren’t Real Friends

Amy Farrah Fowler and Raj Koothrappali may be part of the greatest friend group in sitcom history, but this pair doesn’t seem all that chummy.

Less sitcoms have made such enduring and memorable friendships as The Big Bang Theory. From dearest companions Amy and Penny to the quirky gathering of Raj, Leonard, Sheldon and Howard, there are a lot of charming connections to explore.

However, while Amy and Rajesh spend time with the other bunch, they don’t appear excessively close. There are a lot of reasons that highlight the way that they aren’t well disposed in any way. The following are 5 of those justifications for why we don’t think both are truly companions.



Penny and Raj

Part of this odd companion dynamic came from the way that Raj couldn’t talk with women when Amy initially met him. It was practically similar to a social anxiety where he in a real sense wasn’t have the option to say any words. This might have impacted that they were so near start with.

Regardless, Penny and Bernadette really assisted Raj with moving past this, Amy didn’t actually help in any way. It very well might be the reason they aren’t so close as Amy didn’t have the tolerance to manage this social fear and wasn’t essential for the mending system.



dog from the big bang theory

This isn’t selective to Amy, yet she is one individuals who found the connection among Raj and his dog extremely odd. He dealt with his pet like a princess and did without question, everything with it. It got to a lovely undesirable level.

It’s an obsession that Amy obviously didn’t allowed, and may have added to the awful element. Since Raj has no lady in his life more often than not, he regarded his dog as though it’s his better half. However, in some capacity as a researcher, Amy presumably needed to get it.



the big bang theory cast together

Talking about which, Amy and Raj are rarely together. There are several scenes where they are matched off with each other yet maybe the showrunners never realized how to manage the two of them simultaneously.

Though Howard ultimately moved past this and really built a cozy relationship with Amy, Raj won’t ever have. Of course, he’s still friendly somehow or another but at the same time he’s most likely the least closest to Amy out of all folks in the show.



amy and raj together

There’s one memorable scene where Raj really offended Amy gravely, recommending that Penny and Bernadette are considerably more attractive than her. It hurt her profoundly as she is normally neglected the majority of her life.

It’s a moment that really assembles their relationship as they understand they share a ton practically speaking. Subsequent to empathizing in their loneliness, Amy had a significant coldhearted moment herself, where she said she was fine presently, unexpectedly passing on Raj to consider over all that they had said.



raj and emily together

Both of these characters have experienced loneliness which is clear all through this rundown. Nonetheless, since they are comparative in numerous ways, the two of them can show some very narrow minded conduct.

A great representation of this is when Amy attempted to set up Raj with Emily. In the long run he came and separated their gathering. Amy was mad in light of the fact that she loses a companion, showing her childishness, and Raj exhibited that he has no limits, which Emily says is one of his imperfections.

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