Big Bang Theory: 5 Reasons Why Amy & Howard Aren’t Real Friends

If it were not for Sheldon, Bernadette, and Penny; would Amy and Howard really be friends on The Big Bang Theory?

In the seventh season of The Big Bang Theory, the scene “Cooper Extraction” had the gang wondering whether they would all be friends had it not been for Sheldon. Sheldon truly is the piece of the riddle that unites them all. The hypothesis raised a fascinating question: Would Howard and Amy be companions if not for Sheldon?

The two would ultimately meet at Caltech once Amy begins working there however could they be friendly? It’s difficult to tell on the grounds that Amy wasn’t generally; the Amy we knew and cherished by the last season. Prior to become a close friend with Penny and Bernadette, Amy was robotic and cold. Similarly, prior to meeting Bernadette, Howard was desolate and dreadful. Without Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Bernadette, and Raj, would Howard and Amy be companions? We’re not entirely certain…


When Howard Regretted Bringing Amy Into Group

amy being the troublemaker

Sheldon had been single for a large portion of his adult-life until he met Amy. He likewise couldn’t ever have met Amy had it not been for Howard and Raj, who marked Sheldon up on a dating site. After gathering Amy, she appeared to be ideal for Sheldon.

Amy was similarly as off-awkward and not interested by the average “sentiments” as Sheldon. In any case, when the team separated momentarily after a conflict in Caltech’s lounge (“The Zazzy Substitution”), nobody appeared to be more soothed than Howard and co.


“And Your Boyfriend Is Extremely Howard”

mayim in red wine dress

While Amy and Bernadette were away at a meeting, they were complimented when two men sent beverages their way at a bar. Without having Penny around, Amy was energized that men were really inspired by them. Sadly, her high reached a carshing stop when Bernadette said she wouldn’t blame Amy for being keen on somebody other than Sheldon.

Bernadette rapidly regretted saying everything except Amy jumped into defense mode and offended him consequently. Without Bernadette and Sheldon’s assistance, would Amy be companions with Howard? It’s difficult to say.


Amy Didn’t Care If Howard & Bernadette Were Married Or Not

howard and bernadette getting married

At the point when Howard and Bernadette became engaged, Amy was cheerful that she would have been a bridesmaid. She turned out to be significantly more excited and happy when Bernadette picked her to be her maid of honor. Unfortunately, Amy wasn’t picked to be the maid of honor since she regards and supports Bernadette’s relationship with Howard, she is picked because she is tired of being left out.

Amy selfishly thinks often more about having the option to wear an outfit and having everyone’s eyes on her than the actual reality that Howard would get to marry. To be reasonable, their marriage made no difference to Amy. She definitely needs to get dress up. Genuine companions wouldn’t make somebody’s big day about them.


He Hated How Amy Treated His Wife

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After Bernadette picked Amy to be her maid of honor at her wedding to Howard, she assumed that Amy would repay her by choosing her to be her maid of honor at her wedding to Sheldon. However, Amy couldn’t choose Bernadette and Penny, so she began making a count to think about the two ladies.

Penny and Bernadette looked into it, obviously, and Howard gave Amy a harsh verbal talk about the circumstance. He thought it was merciless of Amy to deal with his significant other like second best. In any case, did Howard truly mind or would he say he was simply burnt out on Bernadette whining about it to him?


When She Insulted Howard

Amy and Sheldon

For the whole 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory, Howard is teased for being the main individual from the gathering not to have his Ph.D. He allows the insults to slide more often than usual.

At the point when Amy is first introduced with the gathering, she (unconsciously) tosses few jabs at Howard for being a specialist and just having his Master’s Degree. Howard asks what she’s learning working and Amy answers coldly with “I question you’d understand, Sheldon let me know you just have a Masters Degree.” As you can see, without the direction of their companions around them, the main thing Amy and Howard share practically speaking is their love for Niel Diamond.

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