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The Big Bang Theory: 5 Reasons Why Bernadette Got Worse & Worse

Bernadette gradually grew worse after she was introduced to the cast of Big Bang Theory, and these are the biggest reasons why we stopped liking her.

When she was first introduced into The Big Bang Theory universe as Howard’s shy date, Bernadette came across as a pretty nice, down to earth girl.

That trend appeared to continue as the seasons went on, but then all of a sudden, things began to change. She turned into a character that was pretty unrecognizable from the one we initially met. It became to the point where she became one of our most disliked personas on the whole show. Today we’re going to list 5 of the reasons why we believe that happened; and why we think it was such a shame.


Attitude At Work

bernadette showing attitude

Over the long haul, we gradually find the opportunity to bring a profound jump into what Bernadette; resembling when she’s at work. While some might identify with her given that she has a high-stress work now and again; others think she appears to be somewhat of a domineering jerk.

She’s obviously a scary presence to numerous colleagues, at focuses, that even incorporates Penny. On the off chance that you remove the canned laughter from the crowd shed simply appear to be a very mean individual, and that is a disgrace.


Bernadette & Amy Vs Penny

bernadette, amy against penny

At different focuses in the shows run, particularly when they eat together secretly. Bernadette and Amy seem to be somewhat vainglorious.

They need to appreciate scholarly discussions from Penny and their companions; and keeping in mind that you can fairly get that, its likewise somewhat irritating. Both of them are very much aware of the way that they’re a ton more astute than Penny, and they decide to utilize that for their potential benefit. We cannot say that we inside and out fault them, yet they do get altogether too familiar now and again.


Stealing Clothes From Charity

bernadette stealing

This one stems from a lovely straightforward scene where Bernadette justifies taking a couple of boots, planned to go to noble cause since she serves soup to unprivileged individuals every once in a while.

Basically, this is a person imperfection, and its a quite enormous one at that. At the point when somebody as charming and apparently guiltless as Bernadette begins to make a stride or two to the clouded side, it very well may be genuinely hard to stop that snowball before it gets too large. Was this the start of the end? It might well have been.

That is where it got messed up! She shouldn’t have done that.


Mocking Howard

bernadette rude as always

Howard is by all accounts a puppet of Bernadette being the puppetmaster in the amazing plan of their marriage and to place it in somewhat more vulgar terms, he’s whipped.

Bernadette is glad to throw an insult or two the overall way of her significant other, and with no guarantees so normally the case with a powerful like that, he utilizes that disappointment and harnesses it into mocking his own companions. Were sure that they’re still frantically enamored when the show reaches a conclusion, yet its terrible to watch.


Turning Cold

bernadette being a bully

Around partially through her time in The Big Bang Theory, a switch appeared to flip in the personalities of the journalists. They went from describing Bernadette as a loveable, charitable person to causing her to feel truly cold and dry.

Not many of her jokes appeared to land or connect with the fans, and in light of the fact that the differentiation was so obvious, no one truly realized how to respond. The way that she steadily lost her high pitch voice additionally removed something from her character that a large number of us appreciated.

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