Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2: Does Not Let You Take Your Eyes Away From The Screen Even For A Slight Moment!

You are our faith; when all else fails, we have you. This is what Tokyo, who is still around as the narrator and in spirit; says to the Professor in an emotionally-charged and beautifully written flashback sequence. This is what Money Heist brings for us in it’s final season.

Fans of the Netflix series, one of the most-watched shows in the streamer’s history, would know exactly why she feels the way she does and how her sentiment echoes that of everyone in the gang – and the audience.

Tokyo was one of the most impactful characters, even the professor admired her.

Professor and Tokyo

The Professor, in the pre-climactic mental and emotional churn; emphasis the ‘illusory’ nature of gold as a national reserve and an index of economic well-being. Robbery is rebellion for this gang of thieves that believes that the wealth of a nation; does not belong to the politicians and the banks but to the people. Because it addresses issues that are easy to relate to, the show’s very specifically Spanish inflections do not appear remote at all, which explains why Money Heist is such a huge global phenomenon.

The gold reserves in the bank of spain

Money Heist signs off in style, holding its exhilarating course right until the bitter end. Which, like everything else that has gone before, packs a punch and delivers a massive, scintillating surprise. The end is rather sweet because it marks the climax of a story; in which the key figures have never had a smooth ride.

Pressure mounts on the gang not only from the army and the police; but, also from a duo of thieves who turn the tables on them. A few among them begin to feel the heat and the wheels begin come off the operation

denver from money heist

We all knew that Denver could’ve ruined it all for them, but he kept his promise and didn’t let anyone down!

The final showdown between the Professor and Colonel Tamayo, tasked with ending the heist and securing the gold in the Bank of Spain. The centers on mind games that raise the stakes and take a toll on a few of the gang members; one of whom comes close to breaking away and endangering all the others.

Continuing with the technique that rests on scenes within scenes rolling into and out of each other to document the long planning process preceding and during the two heists depicted in the show and track the character arcs and back stories, the last part of the long-running series does not flag one bit in the run-up to a dramatic denouement.

professor and tamayo

Money Heist a show that does not merely thrill. It also offers insights into humanity, life and the ways of capitalism in a world in the grip of a collective consumerist frenzy. There is enough going in the finale, the focus of which is principally on the gang’s efforts to melt the 90 tonnes of gold in the Bank of Spain’s vault and send it out, for it not to feel stretched or gratuitous in any way.

What a great show it has been in all these years! AND what a remarkable end it had.

We all wait to witness another show like this in coming years.

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