Kaley Cuoco Shares Snaps From Her Birthday At Amazing Home Ranch.

Kaley Cuoco gave fans a look into life at her unbelievable farm more than the end of the week. Her $12million California estate, as she celebrated her birthday in an extremely exceptional event.

The actress shared bits from her pre-birthday celebrations at the farm; in the development to her turning 36 on November 30.

She revealed that her loved ones had arranged a tremendous unicorn-themed birthday celebration for her; complete with decorations, all things considered.

Kaley Cuoco celebrating her birthday

The entire celebration was bathed in shades of pink and holographic colors, including streamers, signs, and cards for each attendee.

Kaley shared a picture of herself in full party regalia, wearing a pink beaded necklace, a streamer for a scarf, a party hat, and sipping on her drink, writing: “Today was, well, magical.”

Kaley looked ready to take on her unicorn-themed birthday party

She sat atop her horse Cody and flexed her skills as an equestrian as she tested out the new jump, adding even more pictures of herself riding with her friends.

The several photos and videos not only showcased her love for her horses, but also the dimensions of the incredible space she calls home, surrounded by wide open spaces and breathtaking vistas.

The actress resides in a mansion in the Hidden Hills retreat of Los Angeles, which she built with her ex-husband Karl Cook, where she has enough space to also care for her large brood of pets.

We all really need a family like hers!

Kaley cuoco with her family

A dearest Happy Birthday to our favorite Actress!

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