4 Plot Twists Fans Loved About Money Heist

Money Heist is one of Netflix’s most thrilling and successful shows, and these are the best plot twists in the series uptill now.


Stay At The Mint

money heist

In most heist storylines, the plan is to get the money and get out as quickly as possible. As such, this is what many fans expected of this show.

However, in the very first episode, it was revealed that the gang actually planned to stay inside the Mint printing money for as long as possible. This created a much more interesting storyline, with the gang trying to outsmart the police with every move.

The fans absolutely loved the groups stay at the mint!


Berlin And The Professor Are Brothers

berlin and professor

It seemed obvious that there was some unknown association between Berlin and The Professor for the most part of the initial two seasons of the show. It appeared to be strange that The Professor would trust somebody so wild and reckless to lead his plan, driving fans to think that there might be some set of experiences between these two characters.

This doubt was encouraged by a few discussions between the pair that appeared to indicate to a hidden past association. Thus, the reveal that the two were really siblings was amazingly satisfying.


When Raquel Switched Sides

professor and lisbon

The show made it simple to pull for The Professor and his pack. The most likeable individual from the police was Raquel, who accumulated compassion from fans. She reliably attempted to settle on moral choices while the remainder of the police pushed her to do things that would serve their own personal cause. As Raquel and The Professor formed a connection, fans wondered what this would mean for the dynamics.

At the point when things started to turn out badly, The Professor had to hold Raquel prisoner after she tied him up and addressed him. As Angel awoke from coma state, Raquel proposed to help The Professor by going to Angel. However The Professor was uncertain of whether or not to trust her, he had no way out and released her. Raquel sticked to her promise and effectively exchanged sides, leaving the police and connecting up with The Professor.


Monica Switches Sides

Monica from money heist

During the first heist, Monica was a thoughtful prisoner. At the point when Denver was told to kill her, he declined. Monica stayed solid and urged him to shoot her so he could hide that she was as alive. While she stayed away in hiding from everything, Denver and Monica started to frame a nearby bond. However this relationship is risky, fans couldn’t resist the opportunity to fall in love with their bond.

At the point when Arturo threatened Denver, Monica gotten a move on save Denver. This lead to Monica exchanging sides. Fans truly appreciated watching Monica make her mark and become an all the more remarkable and strong lady.

What an incredible character!

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