5 Things Unknown about Emma Watson

If you don’t know who Emma Watson is by now then there’s a strong possibility you’ve been hiding away somewhere; in a cave perhaps or in a dim cavern for the last decade; or more since she’s just one of the most renowned young ladies in the big time today. She’s likewise one of the most generously composed entertainers in the stage right now.

All through her profession so far she’s been an extremely amazing young lady and somebody that you might perhaps see will be a star however long she wants to be.

The following are a couple of things you probably won’t have had some familiarity with her.


She was offered the lead role in Cinderella.

Emma watson in cindrella

Emma was given a chance to play Cinderella in the live action version but turned it down. And wouldn’t you know it only a while later she was given the role of Belle in Beauty and the Beast, and she absolutely nailed it.


 She’s been keeping a long-running journal of her life since the day she became famous.

gorgeous emma watson

So far to this date she’s filled up to 30 journals it sounds like, so she’s been faithful for the most part to her daily routine and has been keeping tabs on herself the entire time. That’s a lot of writing and a lot of effort to put into something so personal. She’s practical, right?


Some might not know this but Emma has combined type ADHD.

emma about feminism

It’d be interesting to know how many people actually know this about her, as it seems likely that fans might not even know this much. But she has been taking Ritalin for this condition for a long while now.


She’s said there’s no chance of her kissing her co-stars since it was never in her contract.

emma in suit

At this point we know she’s changed her stance on this since she has kissed at least a couple of her costars in movies and it’s been something that isn’t exactly scandalous since the situations she’s been in have called for something as intimate as this.

1. She’s all about feminism but doesn’t condone man-hating.

emma about her roles

Emma has come out that she is into feminism and has supported the cause for some time but she doesn’t condone the level of feminism that degrades men and goes into detail about how men are the problem. Thankfully she keeps her own beliefs balanced and as fair as possible. That’s really bold of her!

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