Kaley Cuoco Tells What It Felt Like Working With Johnny Galecki in ‘The Big Bang Theory’

PS. Kaley and Johnny are very close friends in real life too!

Actress Kaley Cuoco had a fabulous time recording The Big Bang Theory for 12 years. In any case, aside from loving her character, Penny so much; what truly made the experience stunning was the nearby bond she imparted to her fellow cast actor, including Johnny Galecki.

While on the Dax Shepard’s webcast Armchair Expert last November, The Flight Attendant star told about some amazing BTS of The Big Bang Theory. One of the most notable encounters she shared had to do with negotiating their salaries after the show went on succeeding for a big time on CBS. Specifically, she was “exceptionally close” to Johnny.

Kaley Cuoco with Johnny

“We shared the celebrations, we were the ones like, ‘Can you f–king believe what’s going [on]?’,” she revealed. “We did that together.”

Reflecting on the time she and Johnny went through pay negotiations together for the first time, Kaley remembered: “I was with Johnny and, you know, we have a lot of the same people on our teams. So we would get all of our teams together and have these big, ridiculous meetings where we’d be talking about this. And Johnny and I would sit there like, ‘Mhm, yeah, very serious.’ And then we’d walk outside and it was like wahhhh [*makes screaming noises*]. What?! What just happened?!”

Kaley further added: “We would cry, we would have these long late-night conversations where we would just be balling. Because I knew and he knew in that moment that this would never happen again. And it won’t, and it was unbelievable to experience. But him and I did that.”

Kaley and Johnny dating

Interestingly, similarly as their characters Penny and Leonard began to develop affections for each other, so did Kaley and Johnny. Ends up, the two really dated, all things considered, from the beginning while at the same time recording the show. Following two years, however, Kaley and Johnny chose to call it off.

“At the point when we separated, clearly it was somewhat delicate briefly,” Kaley kept on reviewing. “In any case, I recall those weeks that had written these scenes where out of nowhere our characters were sleeping together every other second. Also Johnny and I would talk, I’m similar to, ‘No yet I figure he did that intentionally.’ I actually accept he might’ve … just to f- – k with us. … Which makes me love him significantly more.”

We as fans are still happy to hear that both Kaley and Johnny are still best friends!

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