What was Tokyo’s Role in Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2?

Tokyo has been a very significant and an impactful character during all the heists of the series.

She has been a true leader and a faithful believer of Professor. She has always believed in him when others laughed at the Professor for his imaginary ideas; and almost unrealistic fantasies of the heist.

Tokyo had a very important role in the final season; although, she died at the end of Season 5 Volume 1; but, we all heard her narrating the whole story of Volume 2. This explains the importance of her character and her complete involvement yet not there physically.

Tokyo in the season 5 of money heist

When things went out of the way, due to Professors negligence, he remembered Tokyo. In the flashbacks, we can see Tokyo giving him confidence. She tells him that you are a master of illusion. She reminded him that he is the brain of the game and he can do all the magic tricks. The professor gets his hope back and gets right back into the game.

The Professor, in the pre-climactic mental and emotional churn, emphasis the ‘illusory’ nature of gold as a national reserve and an index of economic well-being. Robbery is rebellion for this gang of thieves that believes that the wealth of a nation does not belong to the politicians and the banks but to the people.

See, the trick works!

tokyo death

Tokyo is dead but we still hear her voice. She comes in at crucial points, like she has done all through Money Heist, to articulate her perspective on what is unfolding on the screen. Her narrative is obviously a means of visualizing the ongoing heist, the years of planning and their repercussions on the thieves as individuals and as a group. By persisting with it as the show’s central storytelling device, Money Heist asserts Tokyo’s importance to the plot, to the world that it is set, in and to the fan base of the series.

At one point in Episode 8, when the thieves have achieved an impossible task that brings them a significant step closer to success, Tokyo’s comment takes that turning point beyond the moment and gives it universal and timeless resonance. “That accomplishment was a message of hope to the world,” she says.

A great build-up of a character Tokyo was. If it was not her, none of the heist would’ve been successful.

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