Kaley Cuoco gets emotional about her struggles on her birthday, says ‘It’s okay to not feel totally okay’

On the 30th of last month, Kaley Cuoco turned 36, and she made some concerns about her interests in mental health well-being, conceding she was ‘sad.’ “At times it’s OK to not feel completely okay. Indeed, even on your birthday,’ The Big Bang Theory star told her 7M Instagram supporters.

She didn’t clarify why she felt upset on her birthday, which was her first announcing to declaring her separation from life partner Karl Cook three months sooner. In any case, Kaley decided to focus on the great aspects of her day as she additionally posted snaps with her friends and wrote, “I have the best fam and friends there at any point was.” She likewise posted a pic of herself presenting in a Ralph Lauren cap, pair of shades and T-shirt, remaining close to her pony: “A speedy stop by the outbuilding for some otherworldly horse kisses consistently helps,” Kaley added.

We all want a family like hers, so supportive!

kaley cuoco celebrating birthday

She looks absolutely gorgeous at the disneyland-themed party, organized by her family members.

In the mean time, Cuoco celebrated her first birthday celebration following her separation from husband Karl Cook this year. The two met in 2016 and became companions since they shared an enthusiasm for horses. In 2018, they married each other. Nonetheless, following three years of marriage, they declared their separation in September 2021. Kaley was seen celebrating both her birthday and her sister’s birthday with a pleasant excursion to Disneyland.

It’s definitely okay sometimes not to feel okay. We’ve got your back, Kaley.

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