Who’s the ultimate queen? Jennifer Aniston or Kaley Cuoco

After various Twitter and Reddit threads, the fans have at long last settled on who’s all time favorite sitcom queen. Jennifer Aniston and Kaley Cuoco both accomplished fame by featuring in hit TV shows. For about 10 years, each played what fans call a “sitcom queen.” 17 years after Friends finished, Aniston is as yet connected with her personality, Rachel Green.

Following the finish of The Big Bang Theory in 2019, Kaley additionally endeavored to get away from the shadow of her personality, Penny Hofstadter. Critics say her new series The Flight Attendant has been an effective endeavor at that. Aniston’s part in the continuous dramatization series, The Morning Show likewise demonstrates that she’s more than the interesting young lady sayings she was left with for some time.

Be that as it may, the two entertainers share different personalities also. The blonde wonders have a serious striking similarity and are continually spreading inspiration on their online media stages. Subsequently, fans can’t resist the urge to make surveys like Jenn vs Kaley and Rachel vs Penny.


In the 2019 Golden Globes, fans saw that Kaley Cuoco was beginning to change into Jennifer Aniston. In case it wasn’t already obvious, The Wedding Ringer entertainer has spoken with regards to taking motivation from the Along Came Polly star. Kaley additionally uncovered that one of her first film parts was in Aniston’s 1997 film Picture Perfect. She was recorded as “Young lady” in the credits. “All I recollect is going through the whole day persuading myself to let Jen know the amount I adored her.

Kaley Cuoco Would’ve Gone For Jennifer Aniston Too Without a Doubt

Kaley Cuoco loves Jennifer Aniston. She even wanted the We’re the Millers star to make an appearance in The Big Bang Theory. She also mentioned, “I love her so much, she’s likewise my style symbol. I’m fixated on her since she’s generally so easy and cool. I would rather not say that it seems as though she doesn’t attempt, since she clearly attempts, yet she simply resembles the coolest chick around.” She generally spouts about Jenn like most of us.

kaley cuoco wearing black

Jenn loves Kaley too!

The 52-year-old entertainer likewise is by all accounts fond of Kaley too. The 36-year-old comedic entertainer uncovered that Jennifer welcomed her heartily that evening the cast members from Friends and The Big Bang Theory met. She said it was worth the effort assembling up the boldness to move toward her golden calf.

Jennifer aniston slaying in black

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