Is Kaley Cuoco down for TBBT reunion?

Kaley Cuoco conceded she’s “without a doubt” down for a reunion episode of The Big Bang Theory in future , and said something regarding when fans could possibly see the cast reunite.

TBBT fans have as of now been honored with fresh insight about the Friends reunion special. Would we be able to truly get The Big Bang reunion, as well?

Almost two years after The Big Bang Theory made a dramatic exit, Kaley Cuoco is keeping trust alive for fans that sincerely need to see a greater amount of the nerdy Caltech couples.
“I would be available to some kind of reunion,” uncovered the 36 year old, who played Penny. “I can hardly waited for the Friends one, as I’m certainly open to doing one ourselves also.”

“It truly does in any case feel like yesterday that we wrapped,” she said. “I think everybody is somewhat evaluating their new ways and seeing what their next project is, and I’m eager to perceive how everybody thrives.”

In any case, the new Golden Globe chosen one added, “I think in a couple of years or at whatever point anybody’s available to it, I most certainly will be down for that. It was an extraordinary experience for us all, and it’d be incredible to do that for the fans, as well, since we had such a stunning fan base that stayed with us for such a long time.”

“Johnny and I are extremely close,” she said of her onscreen spouse Johnny Galecki. “We talk on numerous occasions. Indeed, he in a real sense—as this call began—he had quite recently sent me an image of his child.” She spilled, “He cherishes sending me child pictures. I know it’s truly adorable, we’re truly close.”

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