Is Kaley Cuoco joining another sitcom?

Kaley Cuoco has announced that she’ll show up in an upcoming episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm; making her first credited job on a sitcom since The Big Bang Theory finished two years ago.

The entertainer, who famously played Penny in the long-running comedy series; recently opened about her contribution in one episode of the Larry David-drove show on her Instagram; where she explained it as a “bucket-list moments” in her whole career.

Since the finish of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ 3 years prior, Kaley Cuoco will have her previously perceived job on a sitcom. The star, who plays Penny in the long-running network show, shared a few goodies of data about the forthcoming season. To express that Kaley is excited would be putting it mildly. So what will Kaley Cuoco in ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ be about?

Kaley Cuoco in ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Very much like the entirety of her exclusive updates, Kaley shared this significant life update on her Instagram account in October, last year. ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ entertainers Susie Essman and Jeff Garlin joined Larry David that very month to start off new episodes. At around a similar time, Kaley Cuoco made this declaration that drew the consideration of large numbers of her supporters.

This is the Kaley Cuoco back in sitcoms movement that appears to be legit after her dull satire dramatization ‘The Flight Attendant’ on HBO Max showed one more side of her.

kaley in another sitcom

Kaley Cuoco back in sitcoms for real good?

While Kaley Cuoco might not have played a greater part than she did on ‘TBBT’, her work can’t go discredit for the difficult work that goes into everything and anything the entertainer has done so far. Other than having had a difficult time with her most recent list of her ex-husbands, nothing has prevented her from doing the very thing she adores doing the most. Furthermore to be modest and thankful with regards to these encounters in her profession simply demonstrates how distinction hasn’t actually changed Kaley for the most noticeably terrible.

kaley joins another sitcom

So grab your belts for another sitcom!

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