Was Kaley Cuoco ‘uncomfortable’ shooting intimate scenes for Flight Attendant due to The Big Bang Theory

After her spectacular performance on The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco figured out how to amaze everybody with her exhibition on The Flight Attendant, which was essentially not quite the same as her job as Penny on the CBS sitcom. After dedicating 12 years to The Big Bang Theory; Kaley continued on to the dark parody/thrill chiller sort with Flight Attendant. She was featured in as well as executive producer. One of the significant advances for the actress however was recording intimate scenes for the HBO Max show as of recently, her co-star Michael Huisman opened up about something similar.

Kaley cuoco and her tattoo

Recently, during his appearance on ITV’s This Morning; Huisman recalled how filming the love scenes with Kaley was strange at the start. The actor said, “Of course I didn’t realize, but for some reason she had never done a love scene before, I guess that never happened on The Big Bang Theory. So when we were doing a fairly decent… we’re making out on the bed, under the covers, we’re doing our first scene like that ,and I noticed she was sort of hovering on top of me, she’s not really sitting on my legs.” 

Adding further how Kaley was awkward during the shoot, her co-star said; “After like 3 takes she begins to shake a little bit and I’m like ‘Kaley, what’s happening with you? Just sit down!’ And it turned out that she was so awkward and she had no clue about how to do this thing. She was making an effort not to touch me.”

Kaley Cuoco with Micheil Husisman

Thinking about The Big Bang Theory never recorded any intimate scenes; Kaley appeared to face inconvenience while working with the HBO Max series. However, Kaley appeared to have overcome her concerns. Very much given that her crushing presentation in The Flight Attendant won her SAG and Golden Globe grant designations.

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