TBBT: 5 Things Fans Forgot About Howard’s Family

Most of The Big Bang Theory is about the gang’s romantic and work lives; but family plays a huge role in the sitcom — especially with Howard’s Wolowitz’s.


Sam Wolowitz Left Howard When He Was 11

howard and the gang

True fans realize that Mr. Wolowitz left his family when Howard was a young man, yet how youthful would he say he was, precisely? In “The Precious Fragmentation,” Howard noticed that his father left him and his mother when he was only 11 years of age. He never saw his father again. As a child, it was difficult for Howard to acknowledge his father’s absence, so his mom got him an Alf doll to cuddle without hardly lifting a finger. Be that as it may, even without a mentor, Howard had the option to change into a useful and conscious young fellow — after some time.


Everything To Know About Josh Wolowitz

howard and his brother

In the episode “The Fortification Implementation,” Howard is shocked when he finds out he has a half-brother named Josh, though it’s unknown whether their father was heavily involved in Josh’s life.

Surprisingly, Josh only made one appearance in the show but he was quite extraordinary. He was an oceanography student who was impressed by Howard’s accomplishments. Raj assumed Josh showed up out of the blue for money but he was just curious about the brother he never knew.


Howard Is Very Descriptive Of Uncle Louie

howard as an uncle

One more relative of Howard’s that we never see is Uncle Louie. It’s not known whether Uncle Louie is on Howard’s mother or father’s side however he was mentioned in “The Lunar Excitation.” While conversing with Raj, Howard asserted his Uncle Louie had “female breasts” and that he had a realistic photograph of him in a swimming outfit. Raj, notwithstanding, didn’t appear to be keen on seeing that side of Uncle Louie.


Halley’s First Word Wasn’t For Her Mom Or Dad

penny looking after howard

With Bernadette and Howard on bed rest, Penny took the rules and watched. In any case, the Wolowitzes were stunned when Halley said her first words to Penny: Mama.

It’s an on-going joke that Penny isn’t maternal and shouldn’t be left alone with kids since she can scarcely deal with herself, however she unquestionably did a standup work with Halley. Howard and Bernadette were angry, obviously — however Penny was overjoyed!


Mrs. Wolowitz Slept With The Family Dentist

find out what Howards mom did.

Howard had a hard time adjusting to life in outer space. Not only was he being bullied by his colleagues, but the constant bickering between his mom and Bernadette was becoming too much. When Howard got back to Earth, he went to surprise his mom but was caught off-guard when the door was locked. What’s worse is he heard a male’s voice in the house. A few minutes later, Howard found the family dentist sneaking out of his house. He then realized that his mom had a secret love life that he had no idea about.

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