Kaley Cuoco Reveals the Nickname She Hates So Much That She Had It Banned on Set

Kaley Cuoco revealed that she truly dislikes the term.

During a recent episode of Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, the 38-year-old Big Bang Theory actress disclosed the name she had always wished to hear. She detested it so much, in fact, that she recently ordered its removal from a set she was working on.

She claimed that after giving birth to her daughter Matilda in early 2023, people began referring to her by the nickname “Momma.”

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“I detest how everybody is like, ‘Hey, momma!'” What is that? On the way here, I received a call from her asking how mom life was doing. “It seems like it was the same ten and a half months ago,” she exclaimed.

“What I hate is how everyone now is like, ‘Hey, momma!’ What is that? I had a call on the way here and she was like, ‘How’s mom life?’ And I’m like, ‘It’s the same 10-and-a-half months ago,’” she said.

Kaley explained that she had a “visceral, angry reaction” to the nickname, which felt demeaning.

“If they know you have a baby, then all of a sudden you’re momma and you look good. But it’s different than just normal looking good,” she explained.

The actress added that people were even using the nickname on the set of a new project.

“Everyone was calling me momma so often, and I was really hiding,” she explained, adding that she tried to work through it. But then she started to “really resent everybody.”

How did she handle it? “I had my assistant call a meeting and tell everyone to stop calling me momma. And they did.”

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