Adam Carolla Calls Gavin Newsom a ‘Sociopathic Dictator’

No one held Gavin Newsom’s feet to the fire quite like Adam Carolla did a decade ago.

The podcaster grilled the future governor repeatedly during their 2013 exchange, turning every Newsom comment on its head in real time.

And no one will ever repeat the feat. Why?

Gov. Newsom knows better than to sit behind “The Adam Carolla Show” microphones again. He’d rather wear a red MAGA hat and play 18 holes with the 45th president.

Plus, no mainstream reporter will do what Carolla did. The news media supports both Newsom and his fellow Democrats.

None of that stopped Carolla from slamming Newsom for his revisionist history over the recent pandemic.

Carolla stopped by “The Megyn Kelly Show” for a fiery hour-plus conversation. The two explored Hamas’ defenders, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ BootGate and more.

The comedian kept things light, for the most part, but he couldn’t hold back when Kelly played an interview where Gov. Newsom defended his record during the COVID-19 crisis.

The California progressive claimed his state fared better than Florida or Texas, which featured fewer draconian measures than the Golden State.

“Literally every word of that was a lie,” Kelly said after playing a montage of videos where Newsom blamed “local” government for COVID-19 overreach or said states that allowed students back into the classroom fared worse than California’s locked-down kids

“Total revisionist history,” Carolla added, mocking the notion that California students could have done better than states where children actually attended school, not Zoomed in.

A flurry of post-pandemic surveys showed sizable learning loss as a result of those policies.

Carolla was just warming up.

“All he does is lie,” the comedian said.

“I lived in California. They shut down the beaches,” Carolla continued. “Being outdoors, Vitamin D, sunshine, exercise [it] could have been the best thing for you during Covid. This guy’s a sociopathic, tyrannical dictator and no one should listen to a God-d*** word this idiot says.”

The “No Safe Spaces” star accused Newsom, who appears to be prepping for a presidential run either in 2024 or 2028, of rank hypocrisy on top of his misdirection.

“[Newsom] didn’t believe [in] Covid for 10 minutes … he was in the French Laundry [restaurant] with 28 of his closest friends arm and arm, banging elbows, no mask, eating indoors,” said Carolla, a lifelong California resident. “The following week, he shut down outdoor dining based on zero science in California. Zero science.”

Kelly added her own hypocrisy charge.

“He did want school lockdowns and, at the same time he was pushing them for everyone else’s kids. He sent his four kids to private school, which was open,” Kelly said.


Carolla said other prominent Democrats are rewriting recent history to cover up their disastrous pandemic policies.

“I saw [Rep.] Eric Swalwell on a news show about three weeks ago … ‘The Democrats? We’re the party that if some airborne virus sweeps the land we’re the ones who are trying to open Main Street, open schools, open churches,’” Carolla said. “You’re the ones? Or you’re the ones who locked everyone down and got everyone addicted to Fentanyl and suicidal for a year and a half.”

Kelly noted that Newsom personally sicced government agents on churches that defied the lockdown mandates, a subject covered at length in this year’s documentary “The Essential Church.”

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