The Houses October Built, 2014

The film is an American found footage terrifying movie under the directorial debut of Mr. Bobby Roe. The movie’s plot followed the five friends who had set out over a road trip to search for a haunted house attraction, then, find themselves being the target of a disturbed and mysterious group.

Cast Lists

Brandy Schaefer performed as Brandy

Zack Andrews performed as Zack

Kahl Brice performed as Head Clown

Jeff Larson a performed as Jeff

Bobby Roe performed as Bobby

Mikey Roe performed as Mikey

Ian Roberts performed as Feaster Bunny

Jim Tavaré performed as Splitz

Chloë-Charlotte Alexandra Crampton performed as Porcelain

Robert Benjamin performed as the Off Duty Clown

Angelica Leigh Van Horn performed as Porcelain

Donald Dantzler performed as Campfire Man


Days earlier, the crowd of friends coming from Ohio—Brandy, Zack, her boyfriend; Jeff, the cameraman; and Mikey and Bobby—settle for taking the trip to take a visit on some of the scariest haunted home attractions in America in the days near Halloween. They planned on recording their interviews and experiences of the actors who worked there. It leads to disturbed the revelations about an establishment’s operation like failure to perform the background checks, using the criminals and the disturbed individuals as the actors, using the real corpses as the props, and also performing harmful stunts for their scares.

The team starts with the famous haunted houses first, although the major goal is to find an extreme haunt named as the “Blue Skeleton,” the odd group that transfers to a secret, different location yearly and is believed to employ actual torture to elicit the scares. Zack grows as agitated with what has been viewed as the pedestrian scares. The team antagonizes haunted house staffs also through by filming and disrupting, but the animosity of the staff grows sinister during the time that the friends were followed by the clown and the young actress from the earlier house, despite a crowd’s having traveled throughout a hundred miles.

Jeff was chased by the guy wearing a bunny costume brandishing the ax, although the guy turned out to be the actor. Zack met the other guests who informed him that they encountered Blue Skeleton and it is at Louisiana this year. Also, they told him about the bar where they may locate the guy who may take them there. Afterwards, the actor breaks into the van and filmed the group when they are sleeping. Bobby locates a video uploaded to the haunted house forums, however, Zack told him to keep this as a secret, since he doesn’t want the others from the team getting a cold feet. The cow’s heart is left also inside the refrigerator, making Bobby and Brandy grows reluctant to continue.

Writer’s Notion

The film starts in medias res into the bloodied and dazes Brandy being placed in the truck and then drive off. The cast acting was all good enough. The lead actress was just hot. The movie is a bit boring. It is trying to say to their viewers that there is really an underworld of houses about Halloween.

There is nudity also when the group went to a strip club, where there are a few topless dancers that have some fake breasts in them. The story about visiting haunted house was original, and in a low budgeted indie movie, there acting is just fine. The movie did just very little to help keep the viewers interested in watching. Most of the happenings had the team traveling from a haunted house to one more house. It was not very enthralling. However, if you are a fan of the found-footage movies, you will enjoy this movie than with the others who find this movie with lots of bore-factor.

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