The Big Bang Theory: The 5 Best Sheldon Cooper Quotes

For 12 seasons, Jim Parsons‘ Sheldon Cooper has been the undeniable star of The Big Bang Theory. We take a look at his best lines over the years. Let’s put an eye on some of his famous quotes

For nearly 12 seasons now, Jim Parsons has starred on CBS’s beloved sitcom The Big Bang Theory as Dr. Sheldon Cooper, a genius and incredibly eccentric theoretical physicist. Parsons’ work as Sheldon has earned him countless awards and even more nominations. When you look at some of the work he’s turned in over the years; especially in the early seasons when Sheldon was at his quirkiest, it’s not hard to see why.

While it could be easy to make the case that The Big Bang Theory was, at least at one point, intended to be Leonard’s show, it’s pretty plain to see that the series became Sheldon’s show a long time ago – which was definitely a marked change for the better. Sheldon’s peculiar and specific routines, obsessive interests in all things science and science fiction. Often oblivious social behaviors have all been perfectly woven together to create a character who became an instant; pop culture icon.

And all of that before we even take into consideration hos many hilarious quotes Sheldon has had over the years. Below, we look back at ten of the best of them.


“Hard As This May Be To Believe, It’s Possible That I’m Not Boyfriend Material.”

One of the main storylines that The Big Bang Theory has chronicled – for better or worse – has been Sheldon’s gradual transformation from a romantically disinclined individual to a boyfriend, fiance, and eventual husband to Mayim Bialik’s Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler. Early in their relationship, Sheldon struggled greatly with knowing how to appear invested in Amy’s life, and especially her line of work, which he has always felt is inferior to his own.

To be fair, his thoughts on biology haven’t changed much over the years, but he has gotten a little bit better about biting his tongue and keeping his disinterest and snide comments to himself. But in season five’s twelfth episode, he and Amy got into an argument about his rude behavior, leading to him making the above remark to Leonard about his shocking lack of boyfriend appeal.


“Scissors Cuts Paper. Paper Covers Rock. Rock Crushes Lizard.”

Sometimes, there are certain quotes from characters that give way to entire pop culture trends. The second season episode “The Lizard-Spock Expansion” gives Sheldon one of these such moments. The episode introduces viewers everywhere to the bizarre game known as Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. The gang’s apparent method of choice when they have decisions to make that none of them really want to make.

Clearly an expansion of the traditional Rock, Paper, Scissors. The game perfectly incorporates aspects of science fiction that appeal to our primary gang of friends – and no character could ever explain things as hilariously, or as succinctly, as Sheldon does.


“I’m Exceedingly Smart. I Graduated College At 14.”

Long before Young Sheldon existed to introduce viewers to the hilarious and heartwarming dynamics of the Cooper family, including that of Sheldon and his older brother Georgie, The Big Bang Theory still managed to occasionally drop hints along the way as to the nature of Sheldon’s family. One of such gems came in the eighth season, when Sheldon was applying to be chosen to travel to Mars.

During his video application, Sheldon immediately got way too personal about himself; lauding his own personal successes as he always does – while also shedding light; on some incredibly TMI details about his brother’s own adolescence. Making it one of famous quotes.


“I’m Not Crazy. My Mother Had Me Tested.”

It’d be impossible to count the number of times that characters in the series refer to Sheldon as crazy; or some variation thereof. It’s not his fault, really, considering he’s not fully aware of the social stipulations of basically every possible daily situation. And it also doesn’t help that there is, famously; a fine line between what society thinks of as genius and insanity.

But if you try to insist, seriously, that Sheldon is crazy, he’ll be quick to correct you on that one. As he once famously stated, “I’m not crazy. My mother had me tested.” And knowing Mary Cooper as we do now, both through Laurie Metcalf’s performance on The Big Bang Theory and through her daughter, Zoe Perry’s, work on Young Sheldon, we don’t doubt that this actually happened.



If any of Sheldon’s quotes over the years could come closer to being thought of as a catchphrase, it would undoubtedly be this one word zinger he utters whenever he thinks he’s been hilarious. Usually, he hasn’t been – and in fact, he’s usually been rather annoying, arrogant, or both. But his self-satisfaction, paired with the undeniably goofy little exclamation, makes “Bazinga!” such a real winner of a catchphrase.

Young Sheldon even doubles down on the significance of the utterance, revealing that it was a word Sheldon learned from a series of practical jokes, and therefore, remains one of the few behavioral things (that we know of so far) that he has carried over from his formative years into his adulthood.

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