The Big Bang Theory: 5 Most Hated Supporting Characters

The Big Bang Theory has a lot of loveable characters, but some fans despised some of the supporting characters on the show.

The Big Bang Theory stayed at the top of the charts in terms of popularity throughout its twelve seasons. That’s an incredibly difficult feat to achieve, and a lot of it has to do with the slew of interesting side characters that interacted with the show’s main cast over the years.

But not every supporting character became a darling of the audience. In fact, some of them were downright despised. Here are 10 such side characters from the show that viewers loved to hate:



Raj has never had much luck in the romance department, and that has led to a lot of comedy on the show, often at Raj’s expense. That is because Raj often tends to be directly responsible for driving women away. In the case of Emily, however, audiences were firmly on Raj’s side.

There were two Emilys on the show. The first one was a deaf girl who went out with Raj so long as he showered her with gifts. But as soon as Raj’s parents cut off his allowance because Raj refused to break up with Emily to marry a girl of their choice, she dumped Raj, leaving him an inconsolable mess.


Todd Zarnecki

Todd Zarnecki was a classic bad guy from the show. First, he hacked into Sheldon’s gaming account and looted his stuff. Then when the gang went to his house to confront him, he stole the Batleth Sheldon had brought along and used his massive size to intimidate the gang into abandoning their plans to bring him to justice.

Fortunately, despite having had a falling out with Leonard recently, Penny had tagged along, and she had experience in dealing with guys like Zarnecki.



Penny is used to being the queen bee of her group of nerds, which is why she felt distinctly threatened when a hot young actress Alicia moved into the building, and the guys immediately went frantic over her.

What made Alicia so detestable was that she was a blatant user, lightly flirting with the guys and leading them on in return for getting them to do everything for her. Penny finally confronted Alicia for her manipulative behavior, leading to a memorable catfight on the stairs of the building.



In a show filled with frankly pathetic characters, Stuart, the comic book store owner, was possibly the most pathetic of all.

That was why it felt even more awful when Jesse, a rival and much more successful comic store owner, relentlessly made fun of Stuart using everything from her failing business to his personal appearance as ammunition. Jesse only showed up a couple of times, but even that was a couple of times too many for audiences.


Amy Farrah Fowler

For those who only remember Amy from her later season appearances, it might be strange to consider that she started out on the show as a supporting character being portrayed in a very poor light. She was basically as weird and infuriating as Sheldon, only without any of the redeeming qualities.

Everyone other than Sheldon hated her, including Penny, who likes everyone, and the rift caused by her appearance almost cost Sheldon his friendship with everyone else. Fortunately, Amy later went on to have her own character arc where audiences got a sympathetic reason for why she was the way she was. We also got to see her become a kinder, gentler and happier person.

Hope you all enjoy reading all this.

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