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Photo by Courtesy of Prime Video

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Some individuals amass great wealth, while others less fortunate end up assisting the affluent in their pursuit of riches. Eventually, people from all walks of life rely on one another, creating a process of creation where one leads, and the other follows. Based on the novel by Janice Y.K. Lee and directed by Lulu Wang, “Expats” invites audiences to savor the flavors of wealth, poverty, and everything in between—the strong connections that have the potential to break.

During the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival, only the fifth episode out of six was premiered, leaving the audience to speculate about the events that led to what they are about to witness. Despite omitting much of the context in the fifth episode, it still allows the audience to grasp its premise. Dark tones set the mood, while beautiful cinematography and photography provide the ideal backdrop for embracing every scene, as viewers attempt to solve the puzzle.

Set in Hong Kong, the opening scene is the most memorable I’ve seen in any TV series so far. With beautiful songs sung by random people, it sets the right tone for viewers to become immersed in the scene. As a participant, you won’t be disappointed or detached. Therefore, even though the premise may not be entirely comprehensible at the beginning, by the end, you will have your answers, leaving you eager to watch the entire series from the beginning. So, do not be discouraged by any negative reviews you may have already encountered. Nothing that has been written comes close to what “Expats” has to offer. I am confident that once you start watching it, you might find yourself in agreement.

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