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The movie is a British horror thriller movie of director Toby Meakins as his featured directorial debut movie.

Cast Lists

Iola Evans acted as Kayla, the college dropout that works as the window cleaner who had been drawn into a nightmarish world of the CURS>R

Robert Englund acted as a fictionalized edition of himself that is a “terror director” of the CURS>R

Ryan Gage acted as Lance, the landlord that victimizes Thea with drugs, severe psychological and sexual abuse and prostitution.

Angela Griffin acted as Thea, mother of Kayla

George Hannigan acted as teen gamer

Kate Fleetwood acted as Laura

Eddie Marsan acted as Hal

Ioanna Kimbook acted as Grace

Asa Butterfield acted as Isaac, friend of Kayla

Joe Bolland acted as Beck

Kaylenn Aires Fonseca acted as Ricky

Pete Machale acted as Gabe


Hal, a married guy that has a dysfunctional family, is a retro video games collector, and takes a copy of the interactive fiction computer games named as CURS>R. Hal installed the game and begins to play, anticipating as nothing more than the traditional text-based adventure games of the 1980s. However, when the stuffs around him start to interact with a game, he realized that it is something even more than that, and his family was harmed as the result.

After three months, Kayla, the college was working as the cleaner to have a payment for her studies. Kayla provides old and new technology to Isaac, her computer-geek buddy, who in turn helps her discover to code so she can gain enough skills for her class. Thea, Kayla’s mother had been a drug addict right after the passing of Ricky, her son, and also suffered from sexual and psychological abuse from Lance, her rent, who also supplies the drugs to her and forces her to prostitution as a swap for her to not be evicted from the apartment.

One day while paying a visit to Isaac after her work, Kayla discovered the CURS>R game inside his apartment, together with the telephone number that offers a $125,000 prize. She called the number and takes the recorded message from a Terror Director that told her to complete a game and inserted the number code during the end of the game to win the cash. Attracted by their offer, Kayla accepted the challenge, and thinking it may be that easy money, and organize an agreement with Isaac to allocate the prize. That evening, Kayla begins playing a game in the café and discovered that it will interfere with the truth in different manners—the game level ends with the waitress eating the broken glass and died. The following day, Kayla tried to stop this game by smashing the tape. She told Isaac what really happened, but he discovered her story really hard to believe.

Writer’s Opinion

Quirky, yes, and original! It has some moments where it was good. It had a few elements that were just fine, but far too numerous eye rolling moments, lots of things that just did not hang altogether.

The acting had been alright, Eddie Marsan had been really good as always, however, in efforts to allow the viewers to think of the characters that were American, and when in the US, it just fell flat. The language was set in The UK, but it was spoken naturally, it had possibly worked even better for both the viewers and the leading stars. The character’s behaviors were just really strange, hard to imagine anybody having such an odd experience and carry it on normally.

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