Kaley Cuoco Tattoo Photos & Their Meanings

Kaley Cuoco, one of the most famous actresses around has 4 tattoos. They include a hummingbird and a star on her right arm and others on her feet and ankle. Find out more about Kaley Cuoco’s tattoos in this Article.

Kaley Cuoco has had at least 4 known tattoos:

  1. Roman Numeral on Her Upper Back (covered-up)
  2. Moth on Her Upper Back
  3. Chinese, Symbol on Her Lower Back
  4. Tattoo in Kaley Cuoco’s Side

1. Roman Numeral on Her Upper Back (covered-up)


Kaley Cuoco had three rows of large Roman numerals – XII.XXXI.XIII – inked between her shoulder blades to mark her New Year’s Eve wedding date in 2013 to Ryan Sweeting.

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Kaley Cuoco Roman Numeral Back Tattoo Meaning

Roman numerals are a way to honor a number or significant date that holds importance in your life. They are incredibly meaningful to the wearer.

2. Moth on Her Upper Back


Kaley Cuoco has covered up her wedding date tattoo with a beautiful black and grey moth design.

Moth on Her Upper Back Meaning

Native Americans adore moths and butterflies but almost all cultures do. Students from elementary grades up to college tend to have an interest in learning about bugs and other types of small animals like reptiles as well. Many teachers and professors use bug characters for example frogs, grasshoppers, and ants as examples for metaphorical lessons or ways to help students better understand literature.

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3. Chinese, Symbol on Her Lower Back

Kaley Cuoco has a Chinese symbol for faith tattoo on her lower back.
On Ellen Show, Kaley talked about her tattoos and she mentioned:

“It’s a tramp stamp.” “I forgot about it, too. It’s been a long time.”

Kaley Cuoco was only 17 when she got inked.

“I was trying to be cool,” she explained. “I know, so dumb… but, I forgot I even had it. It’s way far back there. It’s kinda far back. It hurts my neck now to see back there.

Chinese, Symbol on Her Lower Back Meaning

Lower back tattoos are often considered erotic or sexual. One reason could be that they lie in a sensitive area of the body. and are exposed during many instances of physical intimacy. Lower back tattoos may also be associated with promiscuity. Due to the imagery that society portrays surrounding lower back tattooed women. People with tattoos on their lower backs may have been portrayed as being part of a high-risk group for contracting sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, and Hepatitis B among other health issues like chronic pain.

4. Tattoo in Kaley Cuoco’s Side

Kaley Cuoco has a tattoo on her left rib cage.

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