Resemblance between Kaley Cuoco and Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Kaley Cuoco are known for their famous role in the hit sitcom, FRIENDS and The Big Bang Theory. Both the characters had major resemblance among them.

The Big Bang Theory star went to the Golden Globes over the course and shook everyone over Twitter. She wore her light hair out with a cheeky smile, a lot of like that of Jennifer Aniston’s.

After her appearance, fans started to address whether she had transformed into the Friends star. One fan composed on Twitter, ‘Has Kaley Cuoco generally looked like Jennifer Aniston 2.0?’ While another follower said, ‘Has Kaley Cuoco generally looked so like Jennifer Aniston… Needed to do a twofold take!’.

Some fans even said..

Has Kaley Cuoco generally looked so like Jennifer Aniston? or is it something about her hair/cosmetics this evening? Needed to do a twofold take!
When did Jennifer Aniston change her name to Kaley Cuoco? These were some of the comments.

Kaley Cuoco has always given us major looks at the big events and awards shows. She has been always referred to as The new Jennifer Aniston. Comment down below if you find any resemblance between the two famous sitcom stars.

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