Kaley Cuoco Is Planning Her Daughter’s First Halloween

“I bought her 10 costumes, and we’re going to do a fashion show.”

About to celebrate her first Halloween with her 6-month-old daughter Matilda, Kaley Cuoco is going all out. Pulling out all the stops, in a way. To the extent of purchasing ten Halloween costumes for her young daughter in order to put on a frightful seasonal fashion show.

In an interview with Extra, Kaley Cuoco—who is in a relationship with partner Tom Pelphrey and has a newborn girl named Matilda—admired that even though her daughter is too little to participate in trick-or-treating this year, she is still dressing to the nines. Cuoco told the source, “I bought her ten costumes, and we’re going to do a fashion show.” “I told her that a six-months-old’s Halloween was for us, not for her. Everyone will be relieved when she gets through the outfit changes, itching, and claustrophobia that come with taking the picture.

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If a picture shoot is involved, Kaley Cuoco’s Instagram followers will likely get to see those costumes, which include at least one unique choice. “Yes, I gave her the Michelin Man.” I will not lie. That photo actually excites me the most. She possesses all the roles already. This is going to be really unique.

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Even though 10 Halloween costumes might seem like a lot, little Matilda is already used to her parents dressing her up. especially when football is in season. “Our home is a football household… She admitted to loving the Rams to Extra. “Obviously, Tom is a Giants fan. We now adore both teams, and it appears that I also adore the Chiefs because I now tune in to see what Taylor Swift will be wearing. I’m glad to see that I’ve joined the throng in our enthusiasm for the team.

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The Flight Attendant actress is obviously enjoying every second of being a mother, despite the injuries that come with it. Cuoco revealed recently that she suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of carrying her daughter all the time. Or maybe from all those wardrobe changes; no one can tell for certain.

All we know is that Matilda the Little has to get ready for something like a baby fashion display this Halloween. She will change into and out of costumes, spend a few minutes at least looking like the Michelin Man, and have pictures to prove it. Which is something, given that she isn’t even old enough to receive candy from her costume modifications, I suppose.

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