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This is an American indie horror film that is directed and written by Ron McLellen and a low budget one. The initial screened was at London FrightFest Movie Festival and it was released in 2005 on DVD by the Lions Gate Entertainment.

The movie was almost globally panned by their critics. DVD Talk had written that Jack O’Lantern had been one of the most obviously inept, goofiest, silliest, “do-it-yourself” terrifying movie you can watch, giving that one should expect “the no-budget stinker such as this populating 99-cent”, but that it had been “a little bizarre to witness the company such as Lions Gate releasing a malformed mass movie.” Of the cast and plot, they wrote many things.

Cast Lists

Dave R. Watkins performed as Jack

Brian Avenet-Bradley performed as Josh

Cheri Christian performed as Lori

April Glover performed as Page

Joel Hunter performed as Reverend Willis

Justice Leak performed as Billy Willis

Wayne Phillips performed as Biker

Tracy Yarkoni performed as Christine

David Chillian performed as Pauley

Sacha Dzuba performed as Max

Michael D. Friedman performed as Trent

Eric Bomba-Ire performed as Jamal

Kevin L. Powers performed as Brett

Greg Thompson performed as Professor Doyle


Jack O'Lantern

Jack was left being a mute simpleton right after the vehicle accident. After being placed in an institution for about one year, Jack was then released. As the Halloween is fast approaching, Jack decided to carve the pumpkin decor, but a gourd took over by the devil force and starts to bleed. In the next four days that past, Jack lapses into an occasional catatonic state, during which a time the crowd of friends who have caused him the earlier accident were murdered gradually one-by-one of the misshapen Jack O’ Lantern being.

Writer’s Notion

Jack O'Lantern

There are lots of pretty cheesy acting, pathetic plots and lame stunts, but this movie is a real joke. It could have been a better movie together with the use of video cameras. You can see lots of camera failures throughout the movie; heard so many upon numerous sound errors like those people breathing heavily in the microphones and the chairs sliding across the floor. It is almost like the other movies you can watch in school.

The movie is just horrible. It is not even included in one of those, bad, but still good movies in some ways. Where you can be “under influence” of something when you enjoy even half of the movie. You cannot even laugh here. The viewers will surely get their headache just trying themselves to watch the whole movie. Save yourself some previous and look for some other different kind of movie to watch. The cast acting had hilariously bad and the story is boring, muddled, and familiar. The killings are juicy yet rate, the titular, looks like a smelly, goofy, runny pumpkin. Obviously, the movie is not too scary. They summarized the movie because it is really amateurish, boring, and derivative mess from start to end. When it is not ripping off the best movies, it is meandering around in the barn and grinding into an endless halt!

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