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Regrettably, in today’s world, it seems that every other person attempts to criticize celebrities for voicing their opinions, as if these individuals are not entitled to the same freedom of speech as the rest of us. Why does this happen? Is it because they have more wealth and lead exceptional lives with no apparent worries? However, should we genuinely question the paths they took to attain their stardom? How did they earn it? Perhaps we shouldn’t simply harbor resentment towards someone who has had more opportunities than us.

Maybe all of the aforementioned points are irrelevant when it comes to the documentary about the legendary Sylvester Stallone. Why should we even concern ourselves with his wealth or his standing in society? The reality is, to truly grasp who he is, you must watch the documentary available on Netflix. To provide some context, when I, as a journalist, was positioned on the red carpet at TIFF 2023, awaiting the opportunity to interview Sylvester Stallone, my colleagues and I were wagering on when he would make his appearance. As a point of fact, I was the sole individual who had already viewed the documentary during the P&I screening, so I had witnessed a side of Sylvester Stallone that my fellow journalists had not—yet.

Therefore, I made the following assertion: ‘If he is merely another run-of-the-mill celebrity, he will make his appearance fifteen minutes prior to the movie’s commencement, thereby leaving no opportunity for anyone to interview him. However, if he truly embodies the person I observed in “Sly,” he will appear by 7:20 PM, affording everyone the chance to converse with him (the movie was slated to commence at 8 PM).’ And what do you know? He did indeed arrive at 7:20 PM. This is the Sylvester Stallone you will encounter in “Sly”—a person you could consider a friend, someone you could rely on, an artist who possessed a clear vision and brought it to life. He was an individual who hadn’t achieved anything until he created opportunities for himself. ‘If nobody will cast me in a film that enables me to showcase my acting talents, then I will create one for myself.’ And create one he did, by birthing “Rocky.”

Typically, I tend to avoid documentaries centered on well-known figures, but this particular one piqued my curiosity, and it did not disappoint. It boasts a heart and soul. It exudes the energy necessary for viewers to connect with it. We often grapple with fear when considering new endeavors, apprehension when contemplating a change to our familiar surroundings, and reluctance to leave our much-cherished comfort zones in favor of the unknown. Sylvester Stallone, the individual you will encounter in “Sly,” dismantled every aspect that perpetuated the belief that the impossible could not be conquered, ultimately transforming it into the conviction that the unattainable was indeed within reach. He has reached his current status not due to handouts, but because he diligently forged his path to stardom.

Furthermore, if you believe you can create films superior to his, you are welcome to do so, just as Sylvester Stallone did—a central theme in “Sly.” Approach it without trepidation. After all, you only have one life to live. Do not anticipate that others will grant you your desires, for they will never truly discern the desires of your heart. Individuals like Sylvester Stallone are increasingly rare, and we should celebrate his existence and appreciate what he has bequeathed to future generations.

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