The Big Bang Theory: 5 Irresponsible Things Penny Has Done

Fans of The Big Bang Theory already know that Penny did some questionable things over the course of the show or even gotten her fired.

Whether it’s mooching food off the guys, trash-talking her friends, or being constantly out of control with her spending habits, she’s certainly one of the most irresponsible characters on the show, but fans love her for it.

By the time the series ended, Penny grew from being a young aspiring actor to a successful pharmaceutical representative and cherished member of the group. She and Leonard also ended up happily married, although it did take them a while to get on the same page. However, before that, she did some pretty reckless things too.


Dating Guys Just To Make Leonard Jealous

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In the season 2 episode “The Codpiece Topology,” Penny hooks up with a random guy named Eric in an attempt to get Leonard’s attention and make him jealous. Leonard, who at this point was dating fan-favorite Leslie Winkle, takes the bait and the two couples engage in a competitive makeout session.

After that, Penny unceremoniously dumps Eric and it becomes another meaningless romantic relationship for her. She has a history of choosing dim-witted guys like Kurt and Zack over Leonard and she spends a large part of the early series episodes avoiding Leonard’s advances, even though he’s clearly a smart and capable guy.


Interrupting Leonard And Priya’s Dinner, Then Cutting Leonard Off

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Confused by his on-again, off-again relationship with Penny, Leonard begins dating Raj’s sister Priya instead. In the episode called “The Prestidigitation Approximation,” he gets close with Priya to the point that she’s getting jealous that Penny is still a part of his life. While on a date, Penny interrupts the two, laughing about inside jokes with Leonard and even stealing food off his plate.

When Leonard tries to subtly encourage Penny to back off, she takes it to the extreme and cuts Leonard off completely, refusing to interact with him. This certainly showed Penny’s immature side and confirmed that she had feelings and other things for Leonard while simultaneously refusing to commit to him.


Making Amy Feel Bad About Her Sex Life

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Jumping to season 6, the boys start a game of Dungeons & Dragons, which the girls eventually join. Penny suggests Amy and Sheldon’s characters have sex in the game, clearly mocking their relationship as she knows they haven’t done anything sexual in real life yet. Amy storms off upset.

Penny hit a nerve with Amy, who is not only a friend at this point but also a person that Penny knows has anxiety regarding intimate relationships. Instead of Penny comforting her, it’s Sheldon who sits down with Amy and explains that he’d be open to having sex with her one day. Not Penny’s best moment at all.


Quitting Her Job To Pursue Acting

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One reoccurring theme throughout the series is that Penny has unrealistic ambitions of becoming a rich and famous actor. She freaks out at Leonard for suggesting her cut role on NCIS wouldn’t have made a difference. To make matters worse, she gets drunk and proposes to Leonard, which he doesn’t answer as he knows she is not in the right state of mind.

Finally, Penny quits her job at the Cheesecake Factory to finally focus on her acting career full-time. Leonard cautiously supports her but secretly knows it’s a mistake. Instead of taking Leonard’s advice and finding a stable career, Penny constantly gets upset when people who care about her try to tell her the truth and guide her on the right path. Once in a while,Penny is smarter than her friends though.


Scaring Amy’s Dad Out Of The Apartment

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Penny and Leonard find Amy’s dad, Larry Fowler, played by Teller of magic duo Penn & Teller, hiding in Amy and Sheldon’s apartment to get away from his overbearing wife (Kathy Bates). When Leonard brings up their own marital issues, Penny gets upset.

She then talks to Amy’s mom about her relationship with Larry and convinces her to cut him some slack. When Mrs. Fowler suggests they talk more often though, Penny changes her mind and scares Larry out of the apartment.

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