5 reasons why Rachel was better than Monica: Friends

Rachel Green and Monica Geller of the most iconic sitcom Friends had a wonderful friendship that everyone was jealous of, but in what ways did the both outlooked each other?

The famous 90’s sitcom Friends left a long lasting legacy in TV history with some flawed, quirky, interesting characters who became as iconic as the actual show. Monica Geller and Rachel Green, played respectively by Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston, were integral to the group of 20- bachelors men and women around whose lives the series around.

Monica Geller and Rachel Green at the awards show

Rachel and Monica were closest companions on the show, similar as Chandler and Ross. Both had their drawbacks, just as a few astonishing characteristics that made the characters stand out. Here is why Rachel was better than Monica in 5 different ways.


Less Competitive

Jennifer Aniston the 90s star

Rachel was not even close to being competitive as Monica, who could make people insane with her need to come to be the best at everything. This made Rachel an easier friend.

Despite the fact that Rachel understood that her career was critical to her with time, and she also could be very self-centered, she could never be just about as ambitious as Monica when it came to minor matters like winning an on the spot quiz.


Less Clingy

Jennifer and courtney together

Rachel did not obsess over little things the way Monica did. Yes, she did become a little obsessive with Ross when she boarded a plane to tell him she loved him right before his wedding, and also with seducing Joshua, her customer at the fashion store. But she wasn’t naturally obsessive like Monica.
Anyone can obsess over this and that at some point in life, as did Rachel. But she did not stay anxious and tense, as Monica often did when something didn’t go according to her plans.


Less Controlling

Jennifer the evergreen

Rachel was substantially less controlling than Monica was. Truth be told, when she was first introduced, she was practically ignorant regarding life, having lived off her rich father’s credit cards until that moment.

However, in spite of the fact that she before long assumed responsibility for her own life, she was never worried about controlling everybody around her and passed on them to their devices, making her more socially agreeable than her best friend.


More Spontaneous

Jennifer Aniston the innocent queen

Rachel led a more free, unconstrained life than Monica. She didn’t design her life down exactly or have specific targets to accomplish. Rather, she took the path of least accepted and acknowledged life as it occurred.

Obviously, Rachel’s spontaneity just began after she joined the gang. Before that, she lived in a protected cave with her wealthy parents and followed a path that generally was enough for her to survive in the society.


Super Stylish

the friends diva!

Rachel was certainly one of the most stylish of the group with the best dressing sense. A portion of her outfits from the show became as iconic as her, and all the more importantly, she even set the trend for the Rachel hair style.

At the point when Rachel needed to begin living independently, she needed to get a new line of work, and after a tragic stretch at the café, she understood that the one thing she was great at was design. She then, at that point, figured out how to manage piece positions in the style business until she got a serious significant situation in her office.

We all really love Rachel in all her colors!

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