5 Best outfits of Rachel Ranked

Friends Rachel was the fashionista of the group, making it harder to limit 5 of her best looks when she had such countless ones.

Rachel Green was the style icon of the Friends group. It’s not simply her hairdo that we wanted to duplicate. Many of her outfits are ones we wish we had in our own closets and in outrageous cases, we’ve gone through hours of internet attempting to find an outfit that fits whatever Rachel’s worn.
Rachel was a style symbol in numerous ways, and a lot of her looks are applicable to the present trends. She was consistently on the ball. She must be, working in the style business. Moving along, here are Rachel’s 5 best outfits on Friends.


Her Green Birthday Dress

Rachel Green and Chandler Bing

The green dress that Rachel wore for her two birthday celebrations back in Season 2 was to just die for. She combined it perfectly with matching accessories and a watch, in addition to pantyhose and charming black-heeled shoes. It’s absolutely ’90s however something like that could be worn today as well.

The dress compliments Rachel’s figure and highlights a collar with a zipper running down the middle. It looks comfy, yet up-to-date. Green is certainly one of Rachel’s tones, and it’s an funny coincidence that likewise turns out to be her last name.


Her Power Pantsuit

Rachel in a suit

Rachel shows us the power of the working woman wardrobe with this power pantsuit. It’s a light grey color, the blazer and pants matching, and she opts for a white shirt underneath, which complements the grey.

It’s simple and feminine, and Rachel added a simple necklace (rather than chunky or colorful) for good measure. In this outfit she firmly yet politely tells Joey she won’t be paying for his new fridge, and goes out to take on the working world.


The Evening Attire

Rachel at Ross's party

Rachel sports this delightful mint-green evening dress for a function at Ross’ work. She struggles the majority of the episode with keeping focused and attempting to sort out what to wear, yet she finds the ideal clothing for the night in a matter of minutes regardless of anything else.

Rachel has a method of making outfits like this look easy, and she dresses effortlessly. At the point when she needs to dress up for an extraordinary event, she truly does something extraordinary for herself, and she genuinely dressed to impress here.


Rachel The Movie Star

Rachel in black dress

Rachel looks ready for the red carpet in this black number. Featuring a slit on either side and spaghetti straps, the dress is sexy and classy wrapped into one. Rachel paired it with tall black heels to boot. She should be featured on a “Best Dressed” list for her efforts.

She definitely sets a standard here for attire worthy of a movie star. We wish there were more occasions where we could wear stuff like this more of the time.


Rachel’s Going Away Outfit

Jennifer Aniston

Rachel was definitely ready to take on a new adventure in Paris with this outfit. It’s a stylishly professional outfit that we envy. Rachel looks stunning and she paired everything flawlessly. The belt with the skirt is our favorite feature.

It’s an early 2000s look that we still love today. She’s added a long sleeved black shirt and heeled black boots for good measure, looking ready to conquer the Paris fashion world by storm and bid New York farewell in this Season 10 episode. The outfit definitely holds a vibe of professionalism mixed with female empowerment.

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