Who was Kaley Cuoco’s Valentines?

It’s 14 February, the lovers month and whom are we gonna talk about today.. is the controversial Queeen.. YES YES, it is Kaley Cuoco! So who is Kaley’s Valentines??

Hollywood entertainer Kaley Cuoco, who shared a healthy Valentine’s Day post this end of the week, got a remark from ex Johnny Galecki after she called her life forgettable and ‘exhausting’ before she met spouse Karl Cook.

The 35-year-old entertainer had shared a depiction of herself and Karl Cook commending the February occasion, posting an Instagram image of the two embracing one another and sharing a kiss.

Observing the remark, Galecki, who dated Kaley for quite some time while they featured together on The Theory of the universe’s origin, facetiously resented Cuoco‘s inscription and expressed, “Um,” energetically referring to their time together.

While Galecki probably won’t have seriously loved the heartfelt subtitle, her significant other positively was. Cook answered, “This is the main way I need to kiss from here on out!!! I love you so much, honey!”

Cuoco is married to proficient equestrian Karl Cook, with whom she secured the bunch in 2018, while Galecki as of late parted from Alaina Meyer following two years. They share a child together.

We truly hope Kaley Cuoco finds her Valentines soon❤️

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