The Big Bang Theory: 8 Unknown Things About Kaley Cuoco

There are many things that as The Big Bang theory and mainly Kaley Cuoco fan we didn’t know!

In 2007 it is unlikely that even the fans of the show could have predicted that The Big Bang Theory would become one of the biggest sitcoms ever made. Viewed by many as just another Friends clone when the series first aired, Big Bang has gone to make CBS billions since its launch and now there’s the well-received spin-off Young Sheldon.

In many ways, Penny is to Big Bang what Rachel Green was to Friends. Similarly, she has had a will they won’t they relationship with Jonny Galecki’s character Leonard which the fans absolutely loved. In addition, she grew from the token attractive blonde female to a much more savvy and wise character.


 She Had An Unseccessful First Marriage

Kaley cuocos first marriage

The pair got married after just six months of being together.


 She Kept Her Relationship With A Co-Star Secret (Johnny Gelacki)

kaley cuoco and johnny gelacki relationship

Apparently, the relationship was under a lot of strain because the former couple couldn’t go anywhere in public.

This was because they didn’t want their real-life relationship to conflict with the fans acceptance of the on-screen relationship between their character Penny and Leonard.


 She’s Been Accused Of Narcissism

kaley in black dress

She was trolled online for not making an effort when she went out in public.

In response to the online comments, she admitted to trying to please the trolls by making more of an effort when she left the house. However, this also backfired when trolls started accusing her of loving the camera just a little too much.


Just In America

kaley cuoco disrespecting the usa flag

For certain Americans being an exceptionally devoted pack, Cuoco wound up on the less than desirable finish of a flood of (unjustifiable) negative remarks from fans and trolls the same.

She apologized later.


Leaked Images

leak images of kaley cuoco

A great deal of notable and high-profile actresses suffered after the leak like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and obviously Kaley Cuoco.

Despite the fact that it probably been a troubling moment for her, Kaley attempted to take the incident head-on with some “spilled” pictures of her own. While the entertainer accepted the entire thing like all the others that have been impacted she would like to put the episode behind her.


Her Comments On Feminism Upset Was Upsetting For Many

kaley cuocos remarks on feminism

 “Things are different now, and I know a lot of the work that paved the way for women happened before I was around,” she said. “I was never that feminist girl demanding equality, but maybe that’s because I’ve never really faced inequality.”

Her answer apparently outraged feminists around the world and once again she faced backlash on social media.

A little bizarre from her!


Sending Out The Wrong Message

kaley cuocos nose job

She has worked hard and it is paying off. However, while this sends out a positive message that self-confidence and a better well being can be achieved through hard work, there’s a flip side Cuoco’s self-improvement.

In an interview with Women’s Health magazine, she admitted that getting a nose job, and her assets enhanced, calling it the best thing she ever did.

Well that’s a personal preferance, but…


 Alleged Conflict With TBBT Cast

kaley cuoco and mayim

Reports suggested that Bialik was openly unhappy about the $1 Million per episode Cuoco was getting.

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