TBBT’s star, Kaley Cuoco, tells how she was treated

“I was the charming young lady nearby to the nerds.” Kaley Cuoco tells that how her character Penny turned out to be less sexualised as The Big Bang Theory continued.

The entertainer broadly took on the job in the long-running sitcom, which reached a conclusion in 2019, and clarified in another meeting how she pushed for Penny to be less sexualised over the course of the years through her closet.

“I began Big Bang Theory at 21 years of age”. “I was the charming young lady nearby to the geeks. Everything revolved around goods shorts, Juicy Couture zip-ups.

kaley cuoco on the sets of tbbt

“As the years continued – Penny grows up, Kaley grows up – out of nowhere it resembles, ‘Would I be able to have a long sleeve shirt? What about a leeway? What about a loafer? She never want to see that high heel again!’

“I had each shade of the Uggs – Uggs with shorts, those were the days! She don’t think it was difficult to wear that stuff and be amusing, I think. I love being amusing regardless. I think even that was somewhat humble.”

penny and leonard

Kaley further added: “And furthermore that was such a long time ago. At the point when I contemplate how long prior that was, it was an alternate time.

“Likewise, coincidentally, at 21 I was hot. I needed to show that stuff off. You would not get me dead in a hot feline outfit now! I just had a litter of little cats – never doing that again.”

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