Piper Rockelle Under Fire

Piper Rockelle Under Fire: Some Members of YouTube Star’s Former Squad Discuss Suing Her Mom for Exploitation.

Fired YouTuber Piper Rockelle’s former team members talk about suing her mother for exploitation. One of the former members of the team tells Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero, “It’s all these happy kids when, like, behind the scenes, that’s not how we all were.”A YouTube celebrity with 10.5 million fans is Piper Rockelle.

According to several former squad members, the joyful and silly emotions viewers witness online are nothing like the reality of the situation. The multimillionaire adolescent is frequently seen in her videos with a rotating squad of friends.One of the former members of the team tells Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero, “It’s all these happy kids when, like, behind the scenes, that’s not how we all were.” We’re upset, weeping, and appearing in these videos as a result of your yelling at us; it’s not fair.

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Tiffany Smith in a June video on Piper's channel
Tiffany Smith in a June video on Piper’s channel

She is one of the 11 pre-teen and adolescent members of the squad who have filed a lawsuit against Piper’s mother Tiffany Smith, “alleging a litany of egregious actions” such as “frequently subject[ing] [them] to an emotionally, physically, and sometimes sexually abusive environment,” and are requesting millions in damages. Currently, some of those ex-members of the squad—along with their parents and the attorney Matthew Sarelson who is defending them—are speaking with Inside Edition.

Inside Edition is told by a former female squad member that “all of our innocence was swiped from us.” Then, a further female squad member comments, “[Tiffany] would just run around and say sexual things to you.”Guerrero asks Tiffany if she has ever asked someone to “pose provocatively” or “wear things [they] were uncomfortable wearing.”

One of the squad’s younger members explains, “Oh yeah, Tiffany would always tell me to go up into Piper’s closet and get something that’s more tight.” And enlightening. Another young girl who recorded with Piper and was between the ages of 11 and 12 claimed that she was told to just wear a towel for one video.

Third female former squad member: “I feel like my childhood got ruined,” Guerrero overhears her say. The parents of these children claim that because they weren’t always allowed on set, they were ignorant of how terrible conditions reportedly were for their kids.

They were exposed to sexual language, rhetoric, and an overall sexualized environment, says Sarelson of the exploited youth: “These are hardworking, good kids who have been taken advantage of.”

None of the former squad members accuse Piper of her mother’s alleged wrongdoing, and they assert that neither celebrity nor money are the motivations behind their case. One former member claims, “I didn’t join the team because I sought money and celebrity. I signed up for the squad in the hopes of making buddies.

Although Tiffany and her mother’s attorney declined to comment, they claim that all of the accusations of misbehavior are untrue in court documents.One of the former female squad members said, “It’s like, it’s important to come forward because of other kids who might think this is normal.” “It isn’t,”

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