5 Non-PG Outfits Penny Wore On The Big Bang Theory

Kaley Cuoco not only make us laugh during the 12 seasons, but also increased the temperature more than a couple of times. Here are some Non-PG outfits worn by Kaley Cuoco as Penny.

Everything worked out in the end and we really can’t imagine the show thriving without Kaley’s involvement.


When she Dressed For Leonard

penny dressed for leonard

We saw this on more than a couple of episodes, Penny dressed up in a not so PG outfit in order to spice it for her man. That’s a common thing not only on the show but in real life, too – who doesn’t appreciate their partner dressing up and adding excitement into the relationship?

Penny definitely achieves that with the outfit.


When Penny did it for Sheldon

penny and sheldon scene

Out of 12 seasons, this scene remains among the most iconic. While in the laundry room, we saw some memorable moments featuring both Penny and Sheldon.

This one ranks up there because of the not so PG twist – one that saw Penny take it all off, while Sheldon watched on uncomfortably.


The Femdom Outfit

the femdom outfit by penny

This scene most certainly kicked things up a score as far as the not-really PG nature. We accept CBS cringed a little at the scene, showing Penny getting naked to an extreme, while Leonard was enclosed by insignificant dress too.

For certain watchers at home, this resembled a dream become true…


Getting Ready For Spicing Things..

penny in bikini

Well known Big Bang star Will Wheaton likewise participated in this scene; he was completely covered in a costume.

With respect to Penny, all things considered, obviously the opposite remains constant as she gives off an impression of being looking quite hot. Had the scene kept going somewhat longer, perhaps CBS would have sweat somewhat more.


 More Bedroom Talk

penny and leonard in bedroom

Even during the final episodes, Penny kept up with the provocative outfits. This particular blue ensemble reminds us of Penny’s days on the show, Charmed.

Most fans might not know, but Penny almost got her own Charmed spinoff, which might’ve meant passing on Big Bang… Thankfully, it all worked out in the end.

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