Are Penny and Rachel the Same Person? Here are the sitcoms proof

Rachel Green and Penny Hofstar are both from famous sitcoms, and however they were broadcasted at different times. These two young ladies share significantly more for all intents and purpose than we might know.

It’s true. Friends, the greatest sit-com of the 90s and mid 2000s was a stunner. While a huge number of us tuned in live to watch those six New Yorkers manage life and love, we’re watching everything over once more.

TBBT’s extreme blonde, Penny, may live in an unexpected 10 years in comparison to Friends’ Rachel Green (played by whiz, Jennifer Aniston). In any case, these two are focusing on shoulders everything from their style to their love lives. They’ve cut off up in comparable friendships, separations, profession moves, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. However, we’re not going to stay here and contend which of these two shockers is better looking. Assuming you thought Rachel and Penny were completely different, reconsider. These two youngsters just got creepily comparable, and we have the proof from the sitcoms.

5- The Love a guy who isn’t faithful!

“WE WERE ON A BREAK!” What, you thought we weren’t going to statement it? Regardless of whether you’re watching Friends or The Big Bang Theory, it isn’t well before the “perfect young lady across the hall” winds up involved with part of the gang. Having longed for her for a really long time, Friends’ Ross handles his beauty queen as he and Rachel begin dating. Over on BBT, we see Penny and Leonard’s flash bloom into a cherishing relationship.

4- The Get married in Las Vegas!!

At the point when it’s intended to be, it’s intended to be. TBBT watchers knew from the beginning that Penny and Leonard were in for something genuine. In like manner, over on Friends, clearly Ross and Rachel were bound for genuine affection. There are major highs and lows in both, but on the other hand there’s weddings. Incredibly, both are in a similar area. Penny and Leonard secure the bunch in Las Vegas. Ross and Rachel likewise got hitched in sin city, despite the fact that they were so high.

3- Same Salary

2- Both were Fashion Queens

1- Both are very Sarcastic

While Penny is light a very long time behind on researcher intellect, she’s speedy on the sarcasm. In a battle with Ross, who asserts his being a tease “worked” on Rachel, she answers, “Ohh, you know what, no, you’re correct. We met, you was a tease, and afterward BAM! After nine years, you had me!” Both the sitcoms had wonderful beauties.

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